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Monday, February 27, 2012

Inventions Needed water bottle steamer 02 27 2012 B

Water Bottle Steamer


Water bottles that are reused are quite popular.  The problem arises in that they can not be effectively washed in the dish washer.  The bottle tops are also too narrow to reach ones hand in and wipe out.

The way to remedy this would be to rinse the bottle out with water and then have a table top device one could use to steam clean the bottles.  This device should also be mandated for all restaurants that rinse bottles and glasses as a means of washing them.

It would be effective on reusable soda bottles, bike water type bottles, camp bottles, tall glasses, reusable glass bottles from the grocery, gym bottles etc.

This invention woul reduce the need for the use of antibiotics as people would be drinking from more sanitary containers.

It would also mean that more plastic bottles would be recycled before they reached the "dump" center.

Current methods to effectively sterilize such containers require bleach or other chemicals- this neccisity could be eliminated.

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