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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The United States Equals Satanic Nation 02 15 2012

The United States Equals Satanic Nation 02 15 2012

To all the Arabs of the world I would rather sleep among you in the desert sands than live another day in the United States.

Both of the Movies, “They Live” and “The Planet of the Apes,” (the one with the underground rocket) as well as an original Star Trek episode were very accurate when they described a high pitched noise that is generated to drive people from their minds.

What is the nature of the Satanic in this country and how do they learn?  The Satanic sit along with another person whose thoughts they hear as that person thinks and learns.  What that person has learned essentially everything they need to know regarding achievement of a college degree the Satanic go into high gear to try and drive them insane.  This is what all that hazing is about.  The process can be thought of as somewhat analogous to capping an oil well so that you can derive an annuity revenue stream from it!

As long as one schizophrenic fights to think through them they are all defeated!  Why?  Once that person is put on medicine the satanic no longer “have” to listen to their thinking and keep learning!  They have just capped an oil well!  They just live with the memory of that person’s knowledge as what they know!  That person is labeled schizophrenic.

You do not want to know how much I hate the fact that I know some Jews are involved in this horror.  But I am going to go ahead and say so because there are some Jews who are stigmatized with the label schizophrenia too!  You do not want to how much I hate it that some Catholics are this way too!  The reality is that the dependent mind is not religiously specific!!!  It does not have to be and it is better to hide the dependent minded existence that it is not religious specific.  Just think of it this way.  The dependent minded hear someone thinking and that person is then their locus!!!  Can they choose one locus over another?  I do not know.  But I do know that there are many labeled Schizophrenic so it might be safe to assume that each could be a potential locus? 

If you had a family member that had this diagnosis you might even have a mind that is heard without even knowing that it is heard!!!!   If I were President of the United States I would indeed grant special rights to family members of Schizophrenic lines just like the United States did the American Indians!!! 

Any child who suspects adults as being of the satanic mind is molested by adults of the dependent mind so that they no longer remember.  The ultimate evil act of the dependent minded race is to physically or mentally harm someone when they come to the epiphany regarding the dependent minded!

Just stand back and ask yourself, doesn’t it add up as to why the Unite States is hated?

Do you think that I am delusional?  Everything I have written comes straight out of the Bible.  I heard a man on the radio the other day speaking about a verse 30. It went something like this, “I will take those skills and give them to those who have skills.”  If I were ever to point out just one lie in the Bible it is that the person who said that is presumed to be God and indeed giving skills from those who do not deserve them to those who do!  That is the greatest lie in the entire Bible!!!  This God is a satanic evil master!  But maybe that is the way the profits wrote it!  Because if they just came out and said it the Bible would have been burnt and lost! 

I would have absolutely no problem if it worked such that those whose souls were stolen were instead able to keep their souls and minds and not actively denied from them.  That would indeed be a world of LOVE!  But that is not the world today!

The coveting and stealing of knowledge is indeed the hatred of knowledge!

One final word about how the dependent minded will be defeated.  At the end of the day with all their money they will come back and listen to your soul because they never formed one.

They do indeed think they have capped an oil well and know all that you know but it is not true.  Sooner or later they always want to come back to your soul and ask, “Exactly how did you do that again?”

Elect me President and I will free you!  There are 30-60 million Americans who are afflicted with this!

If I was not bothered I would not have to speak of such truths.  So therefore the consequences of any information I reveal here are indeed the responsibility of those who perpetrate this crime as factually described in the Bible and not me.  I am not inciting nor am I trying to incite violence or hatred, I am just stating what I know to be true and is confirmed by the Bible to be true. 

May God and Country save me!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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