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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

MIA s and the Satanic in the Military 02 28 2012

MIA s and the Satanic in the Military 02 28 2012

From everything that I have seen in my life I have to believe that the Satanic purposefully target and put solders that they do not like in harm’s way.  And those solders are tortured for their souls in foreign countries by the Satanic of those foreign countries.  I believe that some MIA’s are indeed created by “friendly neglect!”  Everything I have seen about the Satanic and evil of the United States tells me that this is true!

One statistic that we never hear of in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars is about those missing in action!  It might be just one person missing but it amounts to a great horror and crime committed by the Satanic!  It is like the devil in one country giving the devil in another country a person to prod and torture so that the other country can become up to speed with the country of the MIA.  When there are MIA’s it means that the Satanic rule at the helm of each country!

And our military does have the electronic technology to haze unwanted solders before they go into battle.  This same technology is even used on American citizens by the Satanic of this country!  It is subliminal base and quite effective.

How prevalent are the Satanic in this country and the world today?  Everyone who has been labeled schizophrenic is indeed a victim of the Satanic in our society. That is one percent of our population that is a victim by a far greater percent of satanic.  And the Satanic are not the other 99 percent.  And not all dependent minded are bad.  Some see the horror of the others and try to stop it.

The number of the Satanic in this country who are guilty of illegal search and seizure of others property; including intellectual property is astronomical!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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