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Friday, February 10, 2012

Three Titles 02 10 2012

 Three Titles 02 10 2012

1.      The True God of Israel hates lawyers.

2.      Whose gold teeth did they pry out to pay for their success?

3.      Mary is always enshrined or buried by a pile of dead ghoul skulls. Why?

Are gold teeth pried out and used to fund the economic advancement of groups of the occult?  Background.

1.       Ireland- genocide- rise of the England and the industrial revolution.

2.      Germany- Jewish genocide and the rise of the military industrial complex.

3.      Italy- genocide by Mousalini and rise of old Italian money and crime in the United States.

4.      Soviet Union- genocide by (Stalin?) and rise of Russian military industrial complex.

5.      United States- statistically insignificant creation of what was before a very rare disease, schizophrenia and rise of the military industrial complex.

6.      The Pharo’s- Rise of the pyramids- slavery.  Who were the slaves?  The Jews or everyday type people I have to ask myself.  Indeed were the Pharasees- who were Jews at the time of Christ – who get this- thought of themselves as above everyone else- really the Pharos?  Does Pharasees equal Pharo?  They key words above are “above everyone else” in describing the Pharasees view of themselves is indeed exactly the same as the Pharo’s view to want to create pyramids where they indeed could also be above everyone else!  And were the Free Mason’s really descendents of those freed form slavery in Egypt?  Did they form the Free Mason secret society so that they would never be enslaved to pile block after block of masonry to create the pyramids for a Pharo’s again?  Why else would you call yourself a Free Mason!  A Mason is indeed a brick layer right?  If that is indeed true how come the Free Mason’s did not have anything strong to say against the other world history events on my list of 1-6?

The melting pot meant we melted down metal to make a bell to warn every one of the British coming.  It does not mean we target Americans with directed energy weapons, disable them, kill them and melt down their gold teeth and get Mexicans to then landscape our newly afforded mansions!

You look at Old Money Italians and say to yourself, they are not smart enough to have earned all that money!  Are they indeed fueled by the Gold teeth of Mousalini victims, Stalin, or money the Pope gives them from molestation collections?  And where did all those gold crosses and horny leg necklaces they wore come from?

American Russians- are here because the Berlin Wall was busted up.  The will of God brought that wall down not Ronald Reagan!  American Russians wear gold thonged shoes!  Where did that gold come from?

Ron Paul wants to go back to the Gold Standard?  Whose teeth is he going to “deliver” to do that?  He say’s he delivered 4000 babies as a doctor.  How many were still born?  What was his success rate?  How many did he sacrifice for others wealth?

To fix our economy he said he will cut 1 trillion dollars out of a future proposed spending of $10 trillion?   Whose social security is that?  He has not specified where that $1 trillion will be cut from.  Why not?  1.  He wouldn’t get elected by Republicans if he did cut the military and 2.  He wouldn’t get elected by the middle class newly made poor if he in effect said it was coming from social security (which is the equivalent of pried out Gold teeth.)

The greatest misconception the Republicans have is that America has many enemies that want to harm us.  That is not true!  It has been the actions of the Republican party that have caused this hatred of America.  Now you will say that they were elected fair and square so that what I state is not true.  No they were not.  Florida voting was rigged and they stole that election right out from under America!  Americans out of work?  American middle class becoming poor?  Are you trying to tell me these are the kind of people terrorist hate?  I don’t believe that!

Who believes the Jews who escaped Egypt were really Pharasees that killed all the slaves and decided to do some foreign vacation traveling stuff?  The voice of God in the Bible that say’s, “Egypt, don’t ever go back there.”  Sounds like Irish witt or humor to me.

But on a more serious note when you read the Bible and hear God crying about Israel over people going to Baal what does it mean?  It means they are buying their way out of crimes in Baal!  Baal indeed means Bail!  And hence, what do we see become prominent since then?  Those who broker others out of punishment for crime!- Lawyers!  The true God of Israel hates lawyers!

Mother Mary Shrines are always built out of what appears to look like mortared in skulls! 

Whose skulls are they?  Mary’s baby was stolen!  The true symbolism of that shrine is we kill all who steal Mary’s born child a God!

The true symbolism is Mary stand with her arms open wondering where her baby is and is covered in a pile of bastard looking ghoul skulls.  She has her hands out as if saying, You took my child and stole his soul for what?  To create a pile of idiots who don’t live very long?  What are the rocks of every Mary shrine always shaped like?  Ghools heads!  Who are the Ghouls?  Romans and Jews who crucified and sole souls because they were still brain born!

Then you look at the station of the cross and you see men crucifying Jesus wearing necklaces with crosses on them!  What does the cross and Catholic Church really stand for?  Ghoulish males who like to torture others to death?  Why else would a wrist nailer wear a cross?  When I pointed that out to my mother she became sad and sad, “Go to the next one.”

The Catholic church is really pro-life because some women only give birth to still brain borns or ghouls!  And the women who are filth papaloma viraled sterile would love to have children to raise!

That’s great Catholic Church, say nothing about promiscuity and sterility and then foster a world where the poor have to give up their love children because they can’t afford to raise them!  They give them up to the virally flawed promiscuous women who are not Mary!

I’ll look at the other side of the issue too:  It makes you wonder if they gave Mary a stolen baby because she was a virally sterile virgin?  Or because she was filth raped viral by the ruling class of Romans and Jews!

Our culture puts too much emphasis on sex and not enough on the development and love for true personal accomplishment!  Sex- the ghoul race does it at a young age because they need to do something to enjoy their miserable existence!  They get the filth virus and have more Ghouls!  Those who don’t have sex at a young age are deluded into believing (by the ghoul race who can’t think for themselves) it the greatest reward in life!

Mary is saying, “You can pile the Ghouls head up and form this arch with them and they do not amount to my one human son!  My son was sacrificed for Ghouls who will always be ghouls!  You can kill all the rest of ghoul babies and give me back my stolen son!”

Doesn’t sound like the roots of the Catholic Church are really pro life!  Pro-life really starts to sound like something ghouls advocate to placate themselves and ghoul women who cannot have human sons!

Mary is not looking in the direction of the pile of dead ghoul skulls!  She is indeed buried by them in a prison of dead Ghoul Skulls!  (It is the same at every one of these Mary shrines everywhere!)

Did the Pharasees want to stone the very whores they made into whores?

You may think I am baseless.  But I really do believe in the truth of the Mosaics I think of and I have never been too far off!

What is the true symbolism?  A human skull is more narrow in front than in back.  If you were to rope them together through the eye sockets, (The station of the cross has the man holding a rope), you could indeed form or create an arch! Whether the jaw was pointing to you or away from you would change every other one as you stacked up the skulls of Mary’s shrine.  So then what is the keystone of the arch?  Is it the fat head of the evil master from the Dead Sea Scrolls?

 Sure it is!  The arch is telling us that all the dead ghouls are the result of that keystone head in the center!  And that head is indeed that of the Evil Master archetype from the Dead Sea Scrolls!  It is he who has imprisoned Mary!  The arch has a snakes open mouth with a big serpent tooth and Mary is asking why?  She is saying, I have nothing and you have all these dumb ghouls to show for it!

And what of the Evil women of today?  They actually believe themselves to be like Mary!  The reason they believe this is because these evil women were such unhappy brats as children that Daddy spoiled “her” into believing she is something she is not!

And I really also believe that I am the best religious and historical scholar ever!  I sure do waste a lot of time writing this stuff.  The ghoul race loves it when I do this because I am not away.  They don’t like it when their mind goes away and is free!  Why not, it breaks their delusion of self better than anything else does!  Which leads me to ask the question, “Is the true nature of religious persecution persecuting someone for believing in themselves by the bastardized minded race?”

And who is the person that was on the news last night before I went to bed, it was Archbishop Listecki!!!!

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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