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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

THE ARRAY 02 08 2012

There is a great market for the ARRAY!

What is the ARRAY?  It is a portable solar electic generating station.  It can roll into an empty parking lot that has not been used and is unswept, park and anchor!!!  The money from the energy produced by the ARRAY would go to the people who lived in the area surrounding the ARRAY!

The ARRAY could be government owned and operated.  It would roll into the parking lot much like a circus rolls into a town.  And indeed circus ground not being used would make the perfect spots for the ARRAY.

The ARRAY could also roll into unused parking lots, umimprovable land, vacant land.  Fringe park lands and farm lands. 

The ARRAY could be designed in many form much like sculptures.  And indeed localities could agree on a specified artistic design and that is the type of array that is deployed. 

The ARRAY could telescope high into the air and face south- the direction of the sun where I live.  There is actaully a table that tells you exactly the direct degree on the compass to install a fixed photovoltaic panel to genereate the most electricity from.

None of us like to drive by parking lots with weeds growing out of them.  I think of the old North Ridge Mall site when I think of this.  I think of the State Fair grounds.  I think of Parking lots that never fill to the fullest, I think of industrial properties that no one wants to buy because they would have to immediatly assume the environmental liablity and cost to remediate.


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I forget to mention it has a meter on it and connects to the electric grid.

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