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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Inventions Needed The Healthy Gym Bag- A gym bag 21 inches long with a net shoe bag on the bottom

Background when I go to the gym I need to take along four pairs of shoes, one for weight lifting with a flat bottom, one for general running, one for hitting the heavy bag, one pair of foam sandals to wear in the shower so that I don't get warts. 

These shoes do not fit in a standard sized gym bag.  And when you cram them in that gym bag the bag does not fit in the small sized lockers.  Gyms have only so much space for lockers so it is unlikely the lockers will get any bigger.  So one idea to remedy the issue would be a gym bag that had fish net bag on the bottom of it whereby shoes could be quickly tossed in the net on the botttom of the bag and the bag hole cinched shut.   The net would be the same rectangular dimensions as the bag and could even have a hard type floor to it whereby only the sides were netting.  This would keep the gym clothes fresher.  This would be a healthier gym bag.

Once at the gynm the shoes could be quickly taken out of the bag and stacked in the locker and everything would fit.  Or the entire lower shoe net bag could snap off and sit in the locker by itself.  Gym lockers tend to be tall and narrow channels.

I have not seen a gym bag designed or made to my liking yet.

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