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Friday, February 10, 2012

Newt Gingrich assumes horror for the United States 02 10 2012

Newt Gingrich assumes horror for the United States 02 10 2012
The need for homeland security was only put forth as a necessity by the invalid foreign policy of the Republican Administrations.  Does Homeland Security really represent the satanic race legitimating the use of surveillance technology that has been developed and progressed forward since the Nixon Watergate scandal?  Is indeed homeland security really the satanic race using such technology to drive people crazy in an effort to prove that their victims are indeed the Satanic ones and not themselves?  This believe of mine is consistent with everything that I have seen in my 45 years of life in this country!

Newt Gingrich’s actions in public office have been ones where he readily steps up to the podium and assumes power during crisis.  Has Newt indeed been at the forefront of the same evil undercurrent that undermines American life?  Do you know what mother Mary would think of Newt Gingrich and his proselytizing on religion?  She would put out her arms and she is seen doing in every shrine of her.  And indeed every shrine of her is built of an arch of bastardized looking skulls!  She stands childless in the prison created for her of bastard skulls (Newt

Gingrich is indeed a bastard) and asks, my sons life was taken so that the likes of Newt Gingrich could stand on a different shrine of empowerment? 

 Newt represents a great contrast to what this country was meant to be.

People are discriminated against for just about every reason there is in the work place.  But there is one thing that we never see they are discriminated against as much as the others, being a bastard!  That itself proves to be very revealing doesn’t it?  Now I don’t mind if a bastard works his way from the bottom up and lives off his own accomplishments but when they ride the back of America into the ground I have a problem.  Would it be wrong for a potential employer to ask on a career application form, “Are you a bastard?”  What does it mean to be a bastard anyway?  It means that you are an illegitimate child or not of natural birth to your mother, not of your in house father, adopted etc.  It really means that you were not raised to the legal adulthood age of 18by the father and mother who conceived you!  So if they did not raise you, who did?  Maybe you weren’t raised to adult hood at all.  Maybe you still have the mind of a vicious child as an adult?  Maybe you will do everything and anything to get ahead in this world.  Maybe you covet the loving relationships sons and daughters not of bastardumn have with one another.  Maybe the generation conceived by the bastard is indeed then a natural bastardized mind family. 

The Catholic Church does not read its Bible with regard to bastards and adoptions.  The only reason the mother wanted the child that was not hers in the Bible was because the real mother wanted it!  What is this the essence of?  It is the essence of the mind of a bastard child in a mother.  They just want what somebody else has because they are jealous of what somebody else has.  Evil bastards do not want to go to all the hard work to get there, and indeed I doubt they even have the personal development skills to plan their lives.  So they end up living someone else’s life.  The women of this bastard occult cannot have children because they are of filth.  Why are they of filth?  Because they coveted every man that any other woman ever had and offered sex to win them over!  What happens when they get older in life?  They have the wart venereal disease type virus and are sterile!  So what do they covet?  They covet the children of good people who cannot support themselves in the bastard world!  They adopt the bastard.  How do they raise the bastard?  Well where in the name of God do you think all the people who hear voices in their heads come from?  That is those bastardized children who are talking to them!  They are called filthy bastards because they cannot reproduce.  I would not be surprised if Newt Gingrich’s natural mother held him up to her ear did not hear a soul and put him up for adoption!

Who has all the money in this country today?  They filthy adopted bastard’s adult children of filth women who could not have children and yet slept their way into power!  And who raises their children for them?  A bastard mind does not want to raise its own child we learned that from the Bible, when the issue of responsibility comes up they deny ownership of the child!  That is why Mother Mary is always holding her hands out as if asking you stole and tortured my son to the pleasure of all these distorted grotesque bastard skulls that you enshrine me with. 

The bastards wore down America and then created Homeland Security to use as a harassment front so no-one would know that they were indeed filthy stupid bastards.  The bastard minds cannot even teach children how to learn when they become teachers.  So what did we see in Los Angelo’s?  Out of desperation the bastard minds molest children so that the children’s mental voice is heard in pain.  Those Los Angelo’s teachers are in effect the equivalent of the Evil Master from the Dead Sea Scrolls!  The evil master could not teach either, the Hebrew mother left all his learning up to the juxtaposition of him and the exiled priest!  Jew’s don’t get mad at me for this one, if Jesus was a Jew his mother Mary was too?  And you can tell I am pro mother Mary and anti bastard evil master!

So what do the evil bastard minds think of?  They develop non-lethal weapons to use in conjunction with Homeland Security so that no-one will ever know that they are filthy bastardized irresponsible stolen souls who like to wear the ripped of faces of children like mother Mary’s Jesus! 

 And that bastard mind is indeed the mind of Satan and it only learns by listening to the souls of others.  That listening to the souls of others is initiated by causing pain in the souls of others; molesting children.  Mark my words on this one, those teachers who molested children in Los Angelo’s created bastard minded children out of some of the children they did not molest or supported the bastard minds of child who had bastard minded rich parents of filth!

I believe every single word I am saying.  Would you like someone who did not tell you the truth?  You say you wouldn’t mind?  Then ask your spouse this, “Did you molest my child?”  And when he/she does not tell you the truth you will like them for that right!

I know your bastardized minds; let’s see if you ever figure out why you should not govern the rest of us?  Let’s see how long it takes for you to figure that out.  Will you figure it out in time or will the world end first is the better question?  Oh and what does the bastard mind do when in power?  It cannot make decisions for itself so it either harasses and independent minded person or does what amounts to nothing!  Isn’t that what Newt Gingrich really wants a smaller or nothing type of Government?
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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