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Saturday, February 11, 2012

On Hate Speech 02 11 2012

Hate Speech 02 11 2012

Is it hate speech to call someone a racial slur or something hateful when you know they have done something horrible that does not live up to the standard of humanity?

As I look at the world I say to myself wouldn’t it be nice if I belonged to a race or religion whereby if anyone accused me of wrongdoing I could just say that it is hate speech and they are the guilty ones not me.  (In this case I would be the hypothetical guilty one.)

Wouldn’t that be nice if a faction of our country was able to create a shield that indemnified them of all wrongdoing?

Who would do something like this?

What is my point?  When we cannot accuse someone of wrongdoing because it is considered hate speech, aren’t they getting away with murder?

A faction like this could indeed accumulate great wealth while having very little true talent.  They could insult and harass all they wanted to and no-one can ever call them a name.

Certain members can hide behind that shield and act in ways that get the whole group of them in deep trouble with a country?  Do you understand?

And all they really need is one horrid media propaganda scene to state their case against hate speech and hate crimes.  Society would never be allowed to see how every day of their lives they create a living hell on this earth in small ways!

“No one ever disciplined that bad kid for anything he did wrong as a child and when he became an adult it was a crime to speak against him!”  And he looks like he is working when he is really the antithesis of work, but I don’t dare say that either.

I will call that spade a spade until we no longer have any mental illness caused by them!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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