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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Capitalism Equals Slavery Today 06 26 2011

Capitalism Equals Slavery Today 06 26 2011
Anyone notice what happened? 
Not only did we outsource our torture to Egypt, but we outsourced our slavery to China!!!  China a Communist country enslaved in the benefit of American Capitalism.  What does that say about Capitalism?  That it is really like pre-civil war slavery!
The bad aspects of human nature had to rear its ugly head again didn’t it?
There is just no other way to look at it or that it should be understood.  We have partnered with the Chinese to enslave people to manufacture our goods.
And here is what you don’t know!  You would say that China has capitalism so it is not slavery because we can invest.  Every dollar you ever invested in a Chinese stock can easily be manipulated so that it is no longer yours.  Why do you think Bernie Madeoff put his money in China and was headed over there?  Can we call him an infiltrating spy or person of treason in the occult of financial system?  Why do people such as him need to steal and then pull the pins out of everything we stand for in America?  Because they cannot compete with us fairly on the individual level.  One of Bernie Madeoffs comments that he made on his wired telephone call was, “They don’t really know what we are doing!”  Oh yeah I do.  I have to ask myself, Bernie Madeoff had close business ties in China.  Have these investment ties set up shell corporations to drain Americans of their money?  It sounds highly likely to me.  Bernie Madeoff is as about as Anti- American as you can get- his looting almost caused another great depression in this country.
A message to Jews like Bernie Madeoff, you were enslaved by Egypt once too, so when I speak of these horrors I am giving you a call to action to stand against those of you who would commit crimes against humanity.  Egypt indeed did torture in the name of Capitalism and the American dollar.  And the United States did insidiously learn to torture from Israel.
I do not know how to fix this either, our relationship with China that has caused so much debt, but what I do know is that it will not last.  Why not?  Sooner or later these bad personalities that are present in the United States will offend the Chinese.  Part of the reason the United States has no manufacturing sector is that no one wanted to work for these people who manage by personal insult.
You probably do not remember that the Chinese have customs and are offended when they are broken.  What is the spirit of Chinese customs?  To honestly show respect for one another.  What the spirit of the customs are is that one should respect one another, the tenet being of communism being everyone is somewhat equal?  Well that is not the exact definition nor how it exists today, but it is what most consider the Utopian ideal behind this form of government.  So you have to ask yourself, “How come they are not offended by us already?”  Because they already have been offended by us!”  It is just a matter of time before someone from the U.S. insults them.  And then what happens?  Instead of Chinese being slaves to make our goods they will conquer and enslave us!  Why?  The have already shown that they are not good people in the way they treat their own population- prison labor.  So that is already them!
Prison labor?  That begs me to ask the question, there are 900,000 missing person’s a year in the United States (, how do we know that they are not in Chinese Labor camps already under clandestine operations?  I don’t know if that is where they are sent, but if we are complacent with this, and we have been, it is likely to happen. Any time our government tells you they do something clandestine you can read it to be a crime so horrible that they did it and have granted themselves to be innocent for doing it. 

And what of all those goods the Chinese manufacture for us?  The ideas for them were mined from tortured brains.
It is just a matter of time before they realize they have been used by the United States.  It is just a matter of time before some Chinese leader realizes that China has gone against his own people in order to gain money and praises from the elite of the United States.  This is the same Yale type elite that yell’s rape chants on campus.  The Ivy Elite does not speak for the United States, what they are about is preserving their bank accounts.  The Ivy Elite of today did not fight in or win our civil war.  They would be on the side of the confederates and slavery today because it was an easy way to wealth.  Remember that side lost once already and they will lose again to the true spirit of America.  Those that bargained with you did not do so under the true spirit of America.  Force come to shove in America and the true spirit will reveal itself and you will be up against something that is stronger than you can ever imagine.  Much stronger than anything you have seen on movie screen or television.
When I see those Chinese leaders I say to myself, they wanted to win the favor and admiration- they wanted to impress the people of the United States.  What happened when they realize we aren’t worth impressing?  What happens when they raise the living standard of their entire population with clean energy?
Where did the Devil Madeoff think he was heading before he was arrested?  The same place that he sent his money first- China.  Buddy that wouldn’t have been a safe place for your money.
Why aren’t the Chinese who have customs offended by the talentless characters of insult in the United States?  Believe me, they are, but they are not showing it.  Which leads me to ask the questions, “When are they waiting to show it?  Do not assume that they nature of everyone can be corrupted for money and favor!
How do I know China does not really respect the United States?  Many reasons!
1.       They have not followed our oil energy policy.
2.      They have not adopted democracy.
3.      They are territorial.
4.      Those who have the will to enslave others do not respect the freedoms we stood and fought for.
5.      I have had personal experiences with those who are of dishonorable character in business; the name Bill Wong from college is very familiar in my mind.  Once I chose him to be Vice President of the Financiers Club he then turned on me and would not do any of the work, was rudely disrespectful and said he was just doing it to put on his resume.  (Note that the Chinese rail workers helped build this country, they were strong workers, so we will give them a good blessing to be fair and let you know I am not a racist.)  And Bill if you read this you have given America the best example of how two faced some of you can be.
The Union might have well as lost the civil war already- the effect is the same- we have contracted out our slavery to China. 
China- those whom you really seek to impress in the United States loathe you for it.
China no true American owes you a thing!  We could have had slaves here if we wanted, but we fought to the death to end it and some of us would like to fight you, China for enslaving in the name of what you believe to be United States Capitalism.
  China you would be smart to free those of the prison camps and say that the United States does not owe you any money.  China you better say that we don’t owe you any money!

After we give you them, those that made the deals with you, you will lose any conflict with the United States rather quickly.
China, for some reason you made the mistake of thinking we were all like Bernie Madeoff in the United States.  We are not!
We don’t owe you anything!  You want that money; well give you Bernie Madeoff and all the crooked Jews from our financial system.  We don’t support thieves or slavery in this country.  You can have all those German Jew Nazi Psychiatrists they won’t do your country any good either.  Although you thought you could dope members of your population as a matter of political censorship.  Here is what you will never understand the good human spirit conquers all because it has God on its side.  I will also give you every loud mouth Judea woman we have.  I will also give you Cathy Lee Gifford.

The brief History of the United States:  The U.S. backs Chinese slave labor.  China competes with the U.S. for oil.  Those in the Middle East learn quickly how bad the oil companies are and we go to war in the Middle East to support slavery. 
You want your money back, you can water board it out of Israel and there United States spies and that is what you might just consider their United States branch members.  And branch is the proper word.  You can have Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke too because no true American who’s knows and believes in this countries hard fought standards would keep your money in their bank.  If a group in the United States were to do what you did they would be guilty of racketeering and all of their assets would be confiscated.  Congratulations China, you are guilty under United States law and we do not have to collect from you because we already have your money.
China don’t get too upset with the United States.  Because your people probably have learned more true skills than we have in this country.  So don’t say that you didn’t get anything out of it, you learned many important skills.  China I will even give you American managers!  Why?  Because they won’t be any good to you.  If they were any good in the United States we would still have a viable manufacturing sector.  I will give you all of them; they were absolutely worthless to us.  Part of the reason we have no manufacturing sector in this country is that nobody wants to work for these rudely disrespectful people who manage based on personal insult rather than respect for the worker.  What has this led to in the United States; legitimized mass soul theft.  You have that in China now today to.
What should the soul of China be like?  It should fall back to its traditional wisdom.
And all you Jews who think I am against you, I am not.  I am for you.  You were enslaved by Egypt a long time ago.  And there are those of you who would victimize people and steal their souls and make the rest of your religion look bad.
The Dead Sea Scrolls tell how you used to keep people in pits and no one was to talk to them.  The Dead Sea Scrolls also tells how you forbade those who you didn’t like from ever enjoying anything in life.  Everyone man who has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia experiences the horror of this, by you, every day of their lives. 

Thomas Paul Murphy for President of the United States of America
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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