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Friday, March 20, 2015

The Best Violent Dog/Attacker Deterrent would be a Tubular .410 Zip Gun 03 20 2015

The Best Violent Dog/Attacker Deterrent would be a Tubular .410 Zip Gun 03 20 2015

It is highly against Federal Law today but at some point in the future that might change to be in conformance with the U.S. Constitution.  And they could be made very light with safeties. 

I think that we allow to much leeway or defense of attackers.  What we really need is society and human race standards so that no one ever becomes an attacker or is "potentiated" to be one.  And which point you would only need such weapon, per your rights, for wild animals that attack.

CWD in deer...People never really stop to think what would happen if a Rabies type virus were to spread and make quite a few animals and perhaps even people violent.  The point being is something like CWD and Crutchfield Jacobs is allowed to spread something like what I describe could too.  The conditions precedent in terms of animals eaten toxic waste products and drugs being discharged into our water supply make something like that likely on the horizon?  We really don't think of how our air and water pollution affects animals and fish do we?  It is all more profits for Unconstitutional Corporations so that bipeds who really don't like humans at all can live in bigger houses.  So that they can more likely stay apart from people in those houses?  And pretend as if they are people they really are not?

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