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Monday, March 30, 2015

Who Controls the Piloting of Remotely Guided Drones 03 30 2015

Who Controls the Piloting of Remotely Guided Drones 03 30 2015

Per my faulted memory I believe I read it was the NSA who piloted them.  That same NSA that was involved in surveillance of United States Citizens who did absolutely nothing wrong other than being victims of hearing voices?

But where am I going with this. Any military technology we have in the United States has a lead time before the public knows about it of 15 years.  That means whatever we know about today was being put to use and working properly 15 years ago.

So the attacks on the World Trade center happened in 09 11 2001.  Today is 03 20 2015 and the drones used in the Middle East have been in operation for a great many years now.

And all the Saudi Royal family who masterminded the 911 attack are stated to have been educated in England.  Amoco was bought by England (Co) and then to boost the scarcity of oil they then cleaved an oil head in the gulf?

What am I getting at?  What are the odds those planes were remotely guided into the World Trade center, CIA and Pentagon?  To destroy the last of the American Righteous in Government?

But the NSA being jointly operated through England controlling drones flying into our CIA and Pentagon.  That is how I read it.

All the names and current addresses of NSA members, FBI, CIA and DEA should be published and publicly available.

Why the DEA because they are crooked per the recent news a sex party was funded for them by the drug cartels.  Why the FBI?  Because they are crooked in the exact same way the DEA is today.  Per a recent Smithsonian or Scientific American article they granted subjective waivers to tavern owners in order to defeat Prohibition they were tasked with enforcing.

So why publish their names and identities?  Because they have betrayed the public trust and that amounts to treason, just as a person on the sexual predator list has.

But what are they so desperately trying to protect?  That their cognition is based on the minds of human beings they used technology to make mentally ill with.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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