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Monday, March 16, 2015

Do some Common Drugs Induce Suicide 03 16 2015

Do some Common Drugs Induce Suicide 03 16 2015

As I see a young people dying in the obituaries I have to ask that simple and un-researched question.  And I am not going to make a diatribe of why our University System hasn't used statistics to figure it out.  All I really have to say is that we know alcohol is a depressive.  We know that depression leads to suicide.

I will also assert that any drug that is substituted for happiness in place of achievement also leads one directly on the path to suicide.

So there, that is the answer no one likes!  Probably because the female brain is 10% smaller than the male and never could stand the difference.

When they don't list the cause of death in the obituary I just assume that it was a closet retard that killed themselves.  And drugs do indeed cause mental retardation!  To such extreme degrees that you could never imagine!

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