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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Russian Ammo 03 15 2015

Russian Ammo 03 15 2015

It is designed so that the AR-15 jams with it.

The design of the Russian Ammo that contributes to the jamming is.

1. Thin walled cartridge case that expands sideways into the chamber; creating a timing issue.
2. Coupled with too hot a charge kicking it back while it is jamming.
3. Can cause ruptured shell cases, whereby another bullet will not go in the breach.

It looks a lot the same in terms of dimensions but it is not U.S. military spec.

I wonder if this wasn't an issue in Viet Nam in some way too???  To figure that one out you would have to see who was in management of key suppliers of ammo to the United States military during that War Era.

It is steel core and that makes if far more penetrating though.  But at long distances I am willing to be that Russia has the ability to magnetically deflect it!  They could indeed decimate the entire U.S. very quickly.

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