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Saturday, March 14, 2015

What should the Standard be without the legal shield of lImited liability 03 14 2015

What should the Standard be without the legal shield of limited liability 03 14 2015

One of human reason and conscience.

But that standard fails badly in a world of legalized drugs.

The scales of justice today do not weigh the competence of the injured party as likely being defective?

If you want to boost employment in the U.S. you ban foreign imports.  Also you indoctrinate only best products may be produced as a standard.  Lasting products not disposable.

We are going to have to ditch plastic because of birth defects at some time.  It is really converting natural mass into something that breaks easy and is poisonous.

The new standard can never be so and so saw an opportunity to make money via what could happen but wasn't likely too.

Does limited liability lead to more or less product defects?  Wow!  What did I just think of?  How many United States citizens have died from faulty ignitions after the Government took partial ownership of the big three?  It is almost as if the Government infiltrated a company as if a matter of espionage?  No that isn't what happened.  What happened is that those who don't have their own minds are the ones who are promoted in Corporate America and that is the results that we see.  The Bible describes it using the principle "We shall live the life he lead for us."  It really means the stooging of the American work force. 

"Why aren't you working?" 

"That stooge who hit me over the head was more qualified."

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