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Saturday, March 21, 2015

How to tell if the male you want to marry really thinks like a woman???? 03 21 2015

How to tell if the male you want to marry really thinks like a woman????  03 21 2015

This is the key to it right here:  Do they challenge you with the sole purpose of forcing you to explain something to them they don't want to admit they can't comprehend.

There are some other lesser clues too.

A. Does the male as an adult still have an  imaginary friend?
B.  Does the male of adult age go into a fugue at certain times as if he is seeing a patriarchal figure creating something with his hands as a carpenter would.
C.  Does he argue with you based on emotional charges and utterances that show he does not comprehend the depth of meaning to his words?
D.  Does he believe in the delusion of the pinnacle of adult male work being a childhood game?
E.  Did he have dyslexia or ADD as a child and still have symptoms of it?
F.  Does he have an addiction to drugs or alcohol (even one drop per year!!!)
G.  Does he believe that all he really needs to do to support a woman and get her to marry him is perform cunnilingus?  Sure you might like it for awhile but it will end in divorce as he is really a puss in every other aspect of life as well.
H.  Did he willfully participate in homosexual activities as a boy?

I dare you to ask the man you want to marry these questions!  I dare you!

The female brain is on average 10% smaller and their hippocampus isn't wired like a mans is. Any consideration you have of them being better comes from some of them sharing the minds of real men against their will. If they were truly better not a single one of us would be hearing female voices in our minds actively denying a real man his ability to use his higher mind. The reason women like men so much is because that 10% larger brain size of ours makes us a world of wonderment to them! Always curious about how we see the world, wanting to learn from us. Here are some songs that have nothing to do with this at all.

Gay marriage?  Some heterosexual marriages are the equivalent of a gay marriage already because the male thinks like a woman; hence they should not have been granted a marriage license.  It degrades both the gene pool our freedom and our environment and we may have to deport some in order to "Reassert our Independence."

And that could indeed be a political wave to take hold very strongly, "Reassessing our Independence" so that none of us are hearing voices again!

Should males that think like women be allowed to vote?

What causes the male mind to deform and become heathenized?  Alcohol, tobacco and drugs.  In the future if someone blows cancer causing cigarette smoke in your face perhaps it will be considered attempted homicide?

What do the English do for a living other than profit from U.S. stock market corruption.

I was reading an article in Smithsonian Magazine.  It told of structures under Stonehenge that resembled Roman Structures.  Those structures were built long before Rome!  Rome could not have been founded by wandering farmers but English that had to flee England.  There is a Great Divide in Rome called the Hadrian Wall that was said to be carved with Antlers (per my memory of reading might be a little off but the concept holds.)  Rome was not built by wandering farmers but by heathenized torturing Druid English that the Celtics likely walled off and then drove out of England!!!!!  And perhaps I didn't get those facts quite right but the general theme still proves true.  At some point in the future I will give you more accurate references to that Magazine article.

That English accent is likely caused by genetic damage to the nervous system.  In a man it sounds like a woman tease (Definition of a heathenized man?)    On the opposite end of the male English accent spectrum is a hollow cretin crass pirate sounding voice.  In women it comes from a jaw and vocal chord regressive gene anomalies?

We know from the Bible that they also horrifically conquered and heathenized the Jews of Israel!  They also heathenized a great many Irish, Indians, Americans, Chinese, and their own population of Italians.

They promote the drug that is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere at every Catholic/Christian Mass, Alcohol (in wine.)  Mental Retardation to any degree including ADD or Dyslexia is Heathenization!

Believe me a heathen knows without a shadow of a doubt in its mind that it isn't normal like humans are!

They are parasitic to the minds of human men and women; that is why we hear voices!  You have been conditioned to be afraid to say that which talks to you in your head is parasitic to your human mind!  How do we get rid of parasitic humans?  Prove they have committed horrific crimes and then imprison them.  When the crime is so horrific that it defies the human standard they are executed for it.  Such crimes as torture, slavery and sexual victimization of children as well as poisoning people (drug dealing and other.)

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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I.  Does he show that he fails to have the aptitude to accomplish simple projects around the house you would expect a man to have knowledge of; that involve working with tools?  The ability to write a letter?  Cleaning and repairs?  Basic first aid?  Ability to catch fish by himself?  Confidence in the sound of his voice while singing?  Is he so henpecked that he just likes to sit and rock in a chair all day?  Does he believe in false doctrines?  Does he get very excited at the site of other men?  Does he view or glamorize big sized men?  Seek to placate them and patronize them; like sports commentators do?  Does he talk like he has a mouth full of sweet tarts, hard candy, caramels or other candy?  When you accuse him of doing something wrong does he look as if he is helpless to do any different; an odd patronizing imbecilic smile or grin with some shrugging of shoulders?  Does he promote gun control?  Is he confident to use a dangerous power tool such as a table saw?


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