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Sunday, March 29, 2015

When the Law Enforcment Technique of Entrapment is really Felony False Arrest 03 29 2015

When the Law Enforcement Technique of Entrapment is really Felony False Arrest

Let's say that member of law enforcement put a small leather pouch of gold and silver coins on the sidewalk somewhere where they know from monitoring you that they know you will be.

You pick that bag up look inside and declare that to find the rightful owner you must bring it to the police. On your way down the street you are pulled over and questioned by the police. They frisk you. Wait a minute what probably cause did the Police in Milwaukee ever have for strip searching people in public? They see that there is something in your pocket and ask you what it is. Do you have the right to tell them it is none of their business? If they don't have probable cause I believe you do, but you show them the bag of coins and they say it was involved in a robbery or drug deal and imply you are the criminal and need to be taken in to be questioned.

Now when you have police officers in Milwaukee, and there was at least one case, whereby he took money out of a cash register that had just been robbed, what is the likelihood that he is going to take that bag of coins, if it indeed was lost, and buy a big screen television with it? Highly likely. Can Police Officers account for their assets and spending habits? So for a police officer to use an asset like that bag of coins to stage entrapment really seems like a case of felony false arrest against law enforcement. First he needs to convert those coins to American dollars doesn't he.


What if it was drugs? How would that crooked police officer convert them? What would that type of a drug fence for police officers be called? Should not both the police officer and the drug fence receive capital punishment? But the bottom line here is that if you see a bag of drugs don't even pick it up! Getting even a small amount of Fentanyl on your hands can be deadly. But look at the risk to public safety it poses? You shouldn't leave in on the sidewalk because a small child, perhaps even your own could be curious touch it and be poisoned and die! So what is it really? It is something that has no place in the United States of America. The higher they concentrate the potency the more money they believe they can make from it?


But in terms of that drug fence how would a police officer know where to take those drugs in order to get money from them to buy a big screen television set with? He would have questioned drug dealers and good lord he might have even properly used surveillance technology resources to monitor phone calls as to where they are originating from to the drug dealer. And perhaps that is why we see very few public phone booths today? The cell phones can be data mined and tracked. So they would indeed develop their own coded duplicitous drug culture language to evade that wouldn't they.

Perhaps out of frustration from seeing money influence the judicial process that police officer becomes corrupt. He rationalizes in his mind, I can't win so I might as well take a piece of the American dream in order to keep my mustache wife happy?

After how many years of working for the force he is going to know who is rich and crooked behind it and who isn't.

He might even have been leaned on a few times by wealthy ethnic minorities? Perhaps they even made subtle threats to the health of his children. I remember when I lived in Chicago the slavic (Polish) voice of the person that lived next door would yell at the wall, “And what I am going to do to his girlfriend!” There the debate becomes how to live like a man when you are dealing with that which is less than the standard of men?

Here it is! If I am a crooked cop, what am I going to do? I am going to figure out where those drugs came from and give them back to that big money controlling interest in return for money! In fact that is what I want to know more than anything but for that negative reason. And I am not going to act on that knowledge for the public good am I! So what crime have I committed? I have not relayed evidence to judicial prosecution! Initially it was just an obstruction of justice than then blossomed into full blown organized crime; participation.

And somehow those drugs make it back into our school system. Are the children of men targeted whereas those of less than the standard of men not? Without a shadow of a doubt I believe that! But what does this necessitate? A private school system whereby my ratlike actions aren't as easy to catch!

Somehow we have a drug problem don't we. The police force shrugs their shoulders as if dumbfounded as to how it happened while they watch Sunday afternoon sports and drink mental retardation causing alcohol.


What if the bait in Entrapment is an underage woman? Then what? Shouldn't it be illegal to use minors to entrap men? You can't have minors working on the police force.

What about using a same sex underage person to entrap someone for Pedophilia? That I am for, but as you read yesterday in my article how that is defined is blurred to the defense of the pedophile. The words initial origin really means friendly love. And our modern word for friendly love is homosexuality. What am I getting at here? I am going to come full circle with this article in a minute.

What is implied here? That Homosexuality is the equivalent of Pedophilia? I have absolutely no problem with that being a crime! But look at how Symantec's and word disambiguation play into destroying civilizations! What happen in the future after gay marriage, whose original word for it was pedophilia somehow has the concept extended to make sex with children of the same sex legal too!

Just let the spoiled mentally defective children have their way and do whatever they want.

Recent scientific evidence suggests that homosexuality is caused by a defect, likely birth, to the serotonin regulating gene. It is the gene that regulates the chemical responsible for happiness. One either achieves and finds personal happiness from it or they are criminal minded who like to see people fail because it elevates their sense of self? The best way to see a person fail or their American children fail is to get them hooked on drugs! Also you might traumatize them at a young age and hide behind a religious institution while attempting that? So what I am getting at is that no person should EVER be allowed to become a POLICE OFFICER if they have a defective serotonin regulation gene! They might not even be homosexual and have it, but they would be very mean spirited person.

And I am starting to get into reproductive rights, and that implies euthanasia, and once that topic is broached it goes directly to genocide and holocaust as corollaries.

What was your intent and motivation to become a police officer?

Now what about using a former go go dancer in all of the above schemes? Bottom line is that a person with a defective serotonin regulating gene is going to fixate on human beings, likely one in particular. Perhaps the best diagnosis of mental illness is, does this person have a fixation on someone? Now how can we diagnose and screen potential police officers. “Tell me who you like.” “Tell me who you don't like.” “Can you tell me of a rich kid who you couldn't stand?” “Who was your role model?” These aren't good questions but ones like them whereby the person is duped into revealing their true nature. Questions that center around their issues. “Who was the town fool?” “Who was the biggest loser in your town!” It hints at the motivation that this police officer doesn't like homeless people doesn't it!

I had more to add to this about entrapment but that odd voice was interjecting to negate the very best points that I was attempting to develop from memory!

I was going to get into a police officer having sex with a prostitute. A police officer having sex with an underage woman he believed to be a prostitute. A police officer having sex with an underage woman whom he knows to have a defective serotonin regulating gene. Then using her as a manipulative tool to target and entrap the archetype of people he has a fixation on?

Would that ratlike minded police officer like nothing better than to entrap a man who is the archetype of that which he has a fixation on with underage woman? He might even go so far as to find a young woman that is 17 363/365 years of age so that he can finally say, “Hah! You are bad! I finally caught you!” At which point he nestles back in his rat nest and watches the big men play childhood games for a living on his big screen television.

8000 cases of Church sex abuse in Milwaukee under a Polish Pope or Bishop??????? Where I come from even one would be deserving of the death penalty as capital punishment! So what happens when that person gets old and is in the presence of children the normal type that he had a fixation on all his life? Whether it be a Catholic School Priest or a Scott Walker Private School Head Master? What am I getting at? You can't have people with the defective serotonin gene in positions like that! Now our ordinance system isn't allowing certain people to live in your neighborhood. Do you know how many men are residing at the Catholic Church down the block from you? You only see one at mass but there are likely 3 or 4 nested in there aren't there. Is one of them a person who is on the sexual predator list?

So do I write this out of hatred or racism? No! I write this because I care about good people and our Country. I care about something called humanity!

Perhaps more police officers need to be fired and prevented from becoming them somewhere else in the U.S. if they have not immediately introduced evidence to where it belongs.  But then you have a crooked evidence room keeper who only got that position because he was crooked?

But here is the concept that needs to be broken.  What does one corrupt criminally defective minded person in our society consider another in the judicial system?  "FAMILY"

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
Originally published on 03 29 2015 at:

Would that police officer then even give drugs to an underage woman he had sex with in order to destroy her personal credibility and ruin her life further? You think I am being so harsh that I am actually really paranoid?  How do you judge the character of a police officer who handcuffs a man to the wall and beats them?  How does the character of someone like that ever positively influence our democracy?  What else is a squirming violent mind like that scheming about?

The only way you end up with a large population of homeless youth in the Pacific Northwest is if they were driven out of their communities or abused by crooked law enforcement!  That's how I see it!

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