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Friday, March 20, 2015

The Extreme Difference between Childhood Schizophrenia and Adult Onset Schizophrenia 03 20 2015

Outline elements:

1. The childhood schizophrenic becomes one out of necessity and inverse imprintation due to a brain abnormality due to alcohol.

At some point in their lives the childhood scz believes that it transitions into a more responsible person than the mind it split itself to.

The Childhood sz is such because its very own father did not have the power or competence to imprint its brain.  The father did not love the child and the child did not love the father.  Men that love children do not drink alcohol before they attempt to conceive them.

As a child you might have seen many nuances that other children were dependent minded to your thinking.  They might have made exact reference to things that you were thinking but not saying.  There is a religious passage that refers to when Jew went into a new town the first thing he asked was who "God" was.  And they were never allowed to say the name of God!  But as an adult schizophrenic you will indeed see two men out in public talking about you with grins or their hands over their mouths.  And you know it and they know it.  And likely you could go right up to them and join in the conversation and they would be happy to have you as a part of it!  Might think of it as an invitation.  But the fact is that you have too many problems to worry about already.

They have been with you all your life.  But that doesn't mean that they are better for it.  It really only means that you helped them to make it into the age of adulthood.

I can tell you what was a matter with the bad kids class already.  Their parents were drinkers.

You might have even remembered seeing them struggle to learn.  You might have heard them whimpering as they sat next to you.  And so you even prayed for them.

They were always dependent to your mind and thoughts.  And it became a network for them.  Just as Mathew in the Bible describes it, "Only the father knows who the son is and the son who the father is unless the son decides to tell a friend."

Now the Childhood schizophrenic might not ever be diagnosed as one.  In fact they could have an evil dependent mind all their lives and no one would ever know it. 

2. Another way the Childhood schizophrenic is created is if its mother is mentally defective and wants the child to share a split mind too!  Think of the parent sitting in a trance as it is part of anther adults mind.  And that parents child becoming one with that trancing brainwave.  That is the exact opposite of how a parent should raise a child through demonstrative example.  So that is in effect a wiccan child.  And mothers can be imprinting that child with the trancing brainwave before the baby is ever even born!  How is that woman talking to the child?

Who is likely to be born mentally defective and verbally adapted to it?  The child of a tavern owner or alcoholic.  The wealthy socialite drinking class. And the horror be what it is, pro-life children from one night bar related encounters.

3. Also a mentally defective child is less likely to get along with other children and hence abuse them and be subject to cursing from them.  Hence the mentally defective child soaks it up like a sponge.  The Mentally defective child will say that nothing was ever their fault in life,

When that child becomes older he will still have psychotic tendencies, but he will be very good at hiding them.  And the danger here is that it believes that it has suffered enough in life and the transition should occur whereby the mind it is dependent to should be no more.  Also it believes it is more responsible and capable because of its lifetime of tempting human beings.  The exact opposite is true it is like Cain whose he built house fell in on him and killed him!  So as you can tell I am very strict when it comes to birth defects and the threat to extinction of the human race that they pose.

Sure an egg shell might be white and perfect but what is inside it might very well be mixed up and rotten and always will be!

4. And of course there is the legitimate child schizophrenic that is really the same as the adult schizophrenic below in terms of symptoms.  The above has a completely different set of symptoms and cognition.  The difference between 4 and the adult schizophrenic below TO the above is likely why my eighth grade Catholic school teacher told us however you are by the time you are 10 years old that is how you will be all your life.  It has to do with how the mentally defective adapted to presume normality?

Adult Schizophrenia

The adult schizophrenic likely had very little signs of mental illness before the onset of voices.  They had rational, competent and capable minds that could achieve.

What happened is that those who were dependent minded to you all through childhood realized that as adults they could still not make it in the world without your mind.  As such they had great envy for you and motivation that you not have your mind anymore; psychiatry.

If a foreign nation ever attacks the United States they will be looking to kill the adult schizophrenic in genocide first.  They likely know exactly where each one of us lives.  Also you might have those who are dependent minded to you and have no symptoms of mental illness at all.  Believe me you will be the first to be killed by friendly fire and military accident in a conflict.  And that is indeed what happened in Poland when Germany invaded!  Believe it!  Communism is indeed a one father/mind for all because the biological father cannot even be a father to one.  (Does Putin have a son?  No!)  What is all of this really?  The Disposable Father method of raising a child!  Can't get more or a race of females than that!

I am asserting that without alcohol, tobacco or drugs there would be absolutely no mental illness whatsoever!  So add up all the costs of it.  Add up all the future costs of it.  It infallibly sinks the human race to extinction doesn't it!

So as an adult you need to do everything possible to claim your human mind as your own!  I am telling you the number 1 wants to maintain a delusion of reality for itself.  Don't let it happen!

What does the mentally defective child that is one of two minds resort to as an adult?  They would indeed go so far as to create an electronic EMF transmitting device that could project "noogies" onto a human beings head!  They never grew up or matured.  If they had not a single one of us would ever be coerced into psychiatric medicine.

For those of you who don't know what a "noogie" is, it is where one mean kid grinds his knuckles into the scalp of another kid.  Kids prone to this bad behavior will also want to asphyxiate normal children, get them hooked on drugs and also sexually victimize them.

Money is distinct from class. "A" A poor drunk wins the lottery is he then of an upper class deserving of respect?  No!  "B" A wealthy socialite drinker gives birth to a mentally defective child; is that child of a higher class than you?  Just as "A" is not "B" is not!  What they amount to is white trash "noogies"  You can tell one right away on television.  They make light of any concern that modern middle class Americans struggle against.  Human struggle is something they find extremely amusing.  Why?  Because rather than ever having to attempt to try and succeed they were allowed to watch and muse at human failings.  Best case for wealth redistribution the entire world over!

This addresses the issue.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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