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Friday, March 27, 2015

Duplicitousness as being the Equivalent of a Lifetime Pathological Liar 03 27 2015

Duplicitousness as being the Equivalent of a Lifetime Pathological Liar  03 27 2015

As I am watching Dateline to night that is what I thought of.

And there is also an issue of a woman becoming a stripper after her objecting and saying it was a sin her husband coerced her into it by saying so is "Pride."

Pride didn't mean the same thing back then as it does today!  I am quite certain.  Pride meant a satanic concept that isn't articulated, but more along the lines of how a Group of Lions called a Pride rules through force and terror just like the self declared Roman Gods did.

It meant being of sloth mind and having a Pride leader do your thinking for you?  Following the dominant lion.

So when people tell you that you have sinned in Pride it doesn't mean what they think it does and it likely doesn't apply to you!  Pride being proud of your accomplishments is not a sin, just the opposite of it is a sin.  Somehow this concept became contorted through monotheism, history and the Bible.

Pride is what you want to be in life, because it means that you find happiness in achievement rather than in species regressive substance like alcohol, drugs etc, that are substitutes for happiness from achievement!  So indeed we have another false teaching by religion!   What does the idea of drugs for happiness instead of achievement instead of happiness (pride) support; monotheism.  For in Polytheism everyone would be happy from achievement and there would be absolutely no mentally retarded birth defective from drug substitutes for happiness from achievement!

How would a Pride of Lions behave?  Likely territorial?  Likely eliminate any other lions that they found to be a competitive threat?  Likely the women are pathetic and mate with what they view to be the dominant lions?  So indeed monotheism and polygamy are part of the same sin group!

There, I said it all again!  Things you absolutely loathe!  Things you deny that can be understood by anyone! 

Perhaps that should be a sin right there, "Falsely denying that what a human being say's, asserts or expresses can be understood by anyone."  Isn't that awful?  Have you ever experienced it?  I bet many who hear voices have experienced it.  It is a technique designed to frustrate a human being, isn't it!  And that frustration causes stress and in turn physical attrition and in turn sickness.

We could do without that couldn't we?  I don't see the value of conflict like a female English Professor with a boy's haircut would.

What would also be the sin of pride from above?  Considering women that you marry to be a Ortho = Simple - Doxy= prostitute!  It is a sin because you wouldn't want a woman that is the equivalent of a simple prostitute to raise your children.  What would they end up like?  Part of a "Pride."

The sin of Pride would also be abjectly denying that anything you or your children did that was wrong was really wrong at all.  Might include false comparisons to what you pettily viewed others did wrong?  The sin of Pride would exist among us by therefore promoting the concept that everyone else is a sinner too and therefore what I did wasn't really wrong.  The sin of Pride would conclude that you should forgive a Pride for anything it did wrong?  Because if you don't forgive that Pride or those who are paid in the Church hat by it are coming after you?  And here we have the Connection to the Church as being part of a "Pride" too, don't we!  The Church has been participant in one of the 7 deadly sins!

One more point.  Pope Francis points the finger at the media as not being concerned about the poor.  The poor are created via perdition and the substance that causes perdition is tempted to church goers at every single Catholic Mass.  Perdition being about the same as mental retardation, but with strong verbal ability as Wilson's Syndrome has been indicated to be.

Pride also being making people that you don't like fight with real live lions!  To watch and enjoy that means that you yourself are the equivalent of a lion doesn't it!  Hence it is the sin of Pride.  Jesus who was resisting being heathenized by the Roman's declared, "Do not put us to the test."  Can you put someone to the test mores so than by putting them in the center of a coliseum wit a Pride of Lions.  Some of still and always have had the humanity to see horrific things like that and say, "That isn't funny!  I don't enjoy that!  I don't enjoy your sense of Kuru humor."  But in the time of the Roman's they lived in fear of expressing themselves on issues like that!  Fear from a Pride!

Also does a female in a pride of lions consider herself any different than a male in a pride of lions?  Not when she is killing and rendering.  So what is the transition from that to being the sexually weaker of the two cats?  Something about that holistic congruent nature makes it the sin of pride.  Why?  Lets transfer the comparison to bad mothers in the human population to answer it.  That aggressive adult female doesn't fit what the archetype of a woman should be!  So perhaps it is the issue of comparing itself to a male and aggressively attempting to prove it is as good as a male is for shame because it has a vagina and not a penis?  And that too would be an origin of the sin of pride.  Viewing non family members as prey?  Whether is be an exclusionary form of business?  The sin of Pride would really also be declaring that no matter what you do you cannot be held accountable for it; and that is the limited liability of a corporation.  It is the equivalent of Divine Right which is how the members of a monarchy rule.  Hence both a monarchy and Divine right qualify for the deadly sin of pride.  Our Constitution states that a title of nobility meaning the divine rights of nobility may not exist in the United States, it cannot be allowed to be empowered by our Government even though it has.

So here again I am attempting to articulate the complete gestalt of what the sin of "Pride" really means.

So there I said it again.  Something you want to deny "people" are able to comprehend.  And what is the issue with that?  It is the criminal mind rationalizing that the general population is never as smart as its scheming mind is.  It desperately needs to believe that!  And what is that desperate need to believe that something that can be understood really can never be understood, it is the sin of Pride isn't it!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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