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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The BATF is Phishing for Americans 03 18 2015

The BATF is Phishing for Americans 03 18 2015

Okay they let ambitious Americans with little money but many skills buy 80% blanks to make AR-15's from.

They sell for about $35 a piece.

However they do not have serial numbers.

And per my reading of this mornings newspaper it is illegal to possess a gun with an obliterated serial number?

It adds up to subjective extortion of the American Public!  The mentally defective determining by Divine Right who they want to prosecute for it and who they do not?

So what would there be to prevent you from stamping your own initials and the number 1 on it as your serial number?

In order to make it you would  need to have a license to manufacture guns which cost $200? 

If you wanted to be in the business of making guns or had that amount of money you would not have bought the $35 80% gun blank.

And what red blooded American man didn't like putting together models and toy's as a boy.  It is the nature of man.

What isn't the nature of man is that which doesn't want you to have something dangerous because it would not trust its own self with the same item?

The Constitution is fairly clear that all anti gun laws are illegal!

Now the legislatures always want to say that they are not targeting certain individuals but any time you have un constitutional laws you are!  Also any time that laws are not made consistent from state to state you are too!  For a law to be inconsistent it has to relate specifically to the state and fall under the general and supreme law of the land!

I have to wonder if highly subjective people seeking power have Denisovan DNA in key areas of brain matter.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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On reflection I might not have read these facts right.  There was the echoing voice of what had to be a midget going off while I read that originally.  So go to there sight and read it for yourself.  I believe the issue is that if you have a receiver with a serial number it can be a short barreled rifle?  But I am still not sure.  I have to reread that.

But all those rules are still unconstitutional and it does amount to phishing.

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