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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Patriarchal Figure of Germany 03 25 2015

Patriarchal Figure of Germany 03 25 2015

When you look at Adolph Hitler being on so many drugs, like Pervitin and see that his personal Doctor was Theodore Morrell you have to say to yourself, you couldn't get a worse Patriarchal figure for Germany than one who got them all hooked on speed.  It is almost as if he was a spy for a foreign country the whole time that was really h3ll bent on destroying the Aryan race.  But that could have also been accomplished through demonic possession of him facilitated by him being given drugs.

Psychiatric drugs indeed have the highest profit margins of the drug companies products.  So you have to look at the Roman concept of Qui Bono; who benefits?

Those drug company names were indeed:


What is very important for humanities future is that we analyze the early management of those Corporations in terms of what their political affiliations were, what their religions were and what their idealism were.  How were they connected?

We don't see advertisements every commercial for basic raw organic food ingredients instead we see drugs for all kinds of ailments that are likely caused by other chemicals some genetically defective runt designed.

Look at what their products did?  Tell me how you cannot agree with me that we need a completely drug free world?

Seeing that those drug companies were involved in worldwide organized crime I believe that the U.S. has the right to seize all of their assets.  Also every member of those companies future lineage should never be allowed to own a chemistry set.

Back to the title.  When you look at how Theodore Morrell who owned a Pharmaceutical company looked at Hitler what do you see in those videos?  He is leering at him, as if I just made a lot of money by screwing you up but people will view my facial expression instead as one of idolatry towards you?  That is exactly how I read him!

What was Theodore Morrell?  He was indeed part of Hitler's soul in support of it because there was no other basis for his stand alone cognition; hence he viewed peoples human lives as an opportunity to capitalize on?  That is why Hitler would have liked him without knowing why; he was part of him.  But what you never realize is that they are part of you out of resentful necessity!  Now I know how all of this reads "kooked up" , but I stand by it anyway as the truth.  So you want to contradict me?  What are you going to say, "Having a personal Doctor that gets you wired on narcotics is a good thing, he was his friend, he was his friend."  Please don't believe that you can play with human lives like that and are readily believable and trustworthy by the entirety of us.

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