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Monday, March 30, 2015

Guidance Counselor I have an Objection 30 30 2015 updated

Guidance Counselor I have an Objection 30 30 2015

Guidance Counselor I have an Objection, both my chemistry teacher and my Spanish teacher sound like rats!  I have difficulty paying attention to their biting harsh shrill words!

They always want you to be honest on those teacher evaluation forms.  But what if the best advice you could ever give them is something they can't change and don't want hear?  Be honest if you write that on a teacher evaluation review form the odds are pretty high you will end up black balled and homeless later on in life.  Even though it is more true than the sun rising in the morning.

Now here is a negative concept in teaching that no one has caught onto yet!

Directed Iambic Pentameter as a means of creating negative expectations in a child!

Wait a minute!!! Think about that, what was it really?  A means to drive your knowledge out of you regarding other classes you were learning in that day too!  I once watched an anti psychiatry video that was put out by a front group for the Scientologists that stated since the 1940's public education has been a experimental form.  What does that really mean?  It means we have a subpopulation that do not learn in a traditional manner and there were attempts being made to educate them non traditionally?  Prohibition was repealed in 1932.  Alcohol is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere and in my book that includes ADD and Dyslexia.  But is there also a genome out that can only learn in that same inverse imprintation demonization method?  Indicative of a primitive tribal biblical world type learning environment?

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