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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Anyone else here experience Home Computer use based Electronic Harassment?

Anyone else here experience Home Computer use based Electronic Harassment?

Spell checker intermittently refusing to work or recognize errors?

Your internet stops working when it gets late at night and the voices can't keep up and don't want to feel like they missed something?

Your movie maker program stops working when you want to make movies for you tube?

Your adobe software program is found to be using more memory than it should in your task manager when you are not even using an Adobe program?

New CD's you intend to burn to ejecting from your hard drive, with a message telling you they are no good or none was present only to insert it back in and sometimes it works?

What you will also find is that you can run the same exact hard drive search term looking for old filed on different days and get different results.
Hard drives going down when you are about to complete something constructive?  And Tax records hard to find because of it?
Not being able to search for and copy and paste a large number of small byte text files?
You buy a new computer and it works good for a day and then it is snail paced slow and all the virus detectors don't catch anything?  That means it is Microsoft Corp based?

I view this as an act of Treason against The United States!  I want the perpetrators to leave this country.

I want these mean nerds out of my country. If they have child porn of blonde boys I want them executed for supporting and partaking in a Crime Against Humanity.

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Thomas Paul Murphy
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