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Monday, March 30, 2015

George Bush Fraudulent Laws on Enemy Combatants 03 30 2015

George Bush Fraudulent Laws on Enemy Combatants  03 30 2015

Why even try that kid who bombed the Boston Marathon?  Essentially he was a foreign spy or operative or enemy combative.

Now because of George Bush we have liberal laws with regard to how people like this can be handled.  In a further spaghetti head brain construct that contradicts that George believes that they can be tortured. (That is unconstitutional)

But what am I getting at?  If a United States Soldier can be executed via a court marshal, or be executed while attempting to escape a military prison as part of a court marshal, are you trying to tell me that we can't execute enemy combatants?  You have to be kidding me!  Neither George Bush nor any of his cabinetry are of the level of a college law degree, including the Supreme Court!

They want to complain about harsh treatment of enemy combatants?  We should have just executed them!  But the reason we didn't is because we wanted countries with lesser government standards to be friends with us?  Because we needed oil money?  Because they were educated in England?

The U.S. comes out looking like the world enemy when it isn't us at all it is England!  What we have in the United States today is a cadre of wealthy who don't really comprehend what Government means. 

I really don't see where George Bush got his twisted logic from other than a deliberate means to manipulate and control the United States to bring its downfall?

Might we have to execute a few FOREIGN based terrorists who attack on U.S. soil to protect our Constitution? Absolutely.  Somehow they have been treated better than U.S. military personal who held the trigger back for a little too long to save the lives of their platoon and themselves.

It is as if they don't believe a single one of us can look at their actions see that they are guided by mental defect or worse; hatred of man.

Now sure we can give that kid due process. But perhaps the issue of him not being born here comes into play.  Perhaps his stated intent has the weighting it should.  What we are hearing on the general junk head radio today is that he was negatively influenced by his older brother.  What is wrong with saying that we are negatively influenced by him killing likely Irish running in the marathon and that because of that we believe he should be executed?

If he is a Slavic kid in the United States he could do no wrong?  Isn't that also a hate crime?  Targeting the Irish in the Boston marathon?  But apparently those provisions are only subjectively enforced?  If you say I don't want a faggot to bend over my son that is hate speech?  When you look at the gestalt of George Bush's law it is really like it came from an infantile mind that never got off the teat!  We should never have to put up with that!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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