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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Food Stamps are obsolete Technology a Photo ID Food Card 03 31 2015 updated

Food Stamps are obsolete Technology a Photo ID Food Card 03 31 2015

Something that can only be used for food and is non transferable.

It only a lots a certain amount to be spent per day and then you have to wait for the next day.

All food retailers must accept it and any that don't are not allowed to be in the retail business.

There should also be price limits on how much something should cost with it.  Can't charge you more than $5 for a pound of meat or $30 for a 50 pound bag of rice? How long could you live on a 50 pound bag of rice?

That card would also be positive identification for voting.  It could indeed be a state ID.

Good items to buy with the card are the 3 rolls for a dollar at some grocery stores.  And perhaps a few cuts of luncheon meat from the deli.  Perhaps a can of tuna.  Anyhow that is how I get by on the cheap.  Not real cheap, but on the cheap.  And hope the store has some little complementary packets of mayo to give it some flavor.

Can't buy any soda with it.

No Cigarettes.  No casinos.  No strip clubs.  No ripple taverns.

And I would rather not have the homeless eating at a fast food restaurant because it is improper nutrition leading to poor health and a much worse problem.

Good God!!! So Barrack Obama is going to fine homeless people for not buying health insurance?  Makes you sick doesn't it!  You never see the IRS looking for homeless people do you?  It is as if they won the game concerning them!

If they want to do drugs they have to get a job or commit a crime and face being shot to death to get the money for them.

And perhaps we address the homeless problem in the same way?  A card for a hotel night in the KILLING winter?

And none of this works in a world that denies schizophrenia is medical fraud.  The symptoms are very real and horrific however the cause of them makes it the greatest fraud committed in the history of the world.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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But then you would have bad people invariably tracking their spending habits and whereabouts.  So maybe it isn't the greatest idea.

Do you know what it is like?  Anytime a member of Government actually has to think about the people it is as if it is a burden to them!  As if the people of the United States are a burden to them.  Some kind of odd psyche that believes its job is to get in power and do nothing or less.  For to think about the people causes cognitive dissonance because they are not one of them because they had everything given to them?  And because they have the chip on their shoulder that they are not as good because everything was given to them they indeed take it out on the people rather than themselves?  Hence they are not making accurate public policy because their perspective is faulted; in resentment.  Not only do they not want to believe the average Joe can succeed their motivation lies in him not succeeding because it threatens the status quo.  For when the average Joe does succeed it breaks their delusion of self.  And that makes them depressed and suicidal?

Off Topic

On the television they stated the pilot who flew a plane into a building had depression.  So alcohol is a depressant isn't it?  So it only causes temporary depression?  Unless you take to much of it or take it every day then you have lasting depression.  So how does a person who is oxygen depriving their brain cells or was born that way cope with it; they need to take it out on someone else~ the people?  If they took it out on their immediate family they would have none.  And the divorce rate of 50% is indicative of that.  So was that man an alcohol user?  They will say no because it would fit the puzzle of the devils advocate.  So then I would say at any time in his life was he?  They would say no for the same reason.  At which point I would ask were his mother or father alcohol users preconception during conception or her pregnancy.  And they will say that there wasn't  drop of alcohol served on the night of consummation after their marriage?  So I win the argument after all that!


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