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Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Greatest Threat to Humanity 03 22 2015

The Greatest Threat to Humanity  03 22 2015

The desire to own people (slaves) while at the same time being an actor by profession.

Look at the gestalt of the five actors who came up from the Confederate South after the Civil War and assassinated Abraham Lincoln; who freed the slaves!

What did the actor fear most?  That without slaves to beat and do his work for him that his acting career would not be able to support him?  Or more to the point that he could not make and do himself but only act like (mock) those who could?  And that is what makes that type of person the greatest threat to freedom and therefore humanity!

So what measures do we need to take as a society to mitigate and prevent it?

Actors never being able to hire household help?
Actors always being required to do their own cooking and cleaning?
Redistribution of Actors wealth in order to preserve freedom?
Salary caps for all actors.
Actors limited to 4 family homes.
Actors who have children being required to raise them every day; even if it means they have to live in a duplex; the wife on one side the actor on the other.

What you end up with if you don't take these measures is air heads making political decisions that violate our Constitutional Freedom!

We also have a great many actors in the Research and Development Departments of Corporate America.  And what have they been allowed to do?  Pay some Chinese worker who is beaten Abraham Lincoln Pennies a day.

So if you are an actor you might think such is life.  Until you are sent to work in a Chinese Factory?

In case you haven't been able to figure out why they are the greatest threat to humanity it is because they assassinated the President who freed the slaves; and hence it is proven their motivation reverts to enslavement.

There is a certain arrogance there, I am better than the worker because I can ape them?  I can ape the worker so I am indeed just as good as him and better because I make more money at it.  What if an actor only was allowed to make as much money as the person in the profession they were acting to be like did?  I just love that idea! 

Thomas Paul Murphy
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