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Sunday, March 15, 2015

They would hang them in China 03 15 2015

They would hang them in China 03 15 2015

If China was the technology and ingenuity leader and not the United States and a group of white United States citizens went to live in China in order to steal trade secrets and demonize people so that manufacturing operations competing with China were established in the United States; the Chinese would hang those “operators” as spy's.

So don't kid yourself about the direction and balance this is taking; we could likely end up the nation of the lost skills with zero economic power! You give credit where credit is due; you don't pretend that people who hear voices are the cause of it and need to be drugged by you.

We don't live in the nation of Freedom and human rights to be picked off like that.

I don't like writing stuff like this but I also don't like having my skills actively divided by voices.

"Yeah, you'll be alright as soon as you have a friend available to make fun of other people with."

Thomas Paul Murphy
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