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Thursday, March 19, 2015

I just articulated the motivation to the False Idolatry Shield !!!!! 03 19 2015

Came up in relation to a conversation on mandatory voting.

Veronica, forcing someone to choose a leader they believe in and make them accountable. You are mixing your apples and oranges. Everyone knows that they have to pay taxes; so it is really a way of ensuring representation for everyone. And what happens when you voted for someone that you later did not like? Then you get your comeuppance and hold them accountable! What does that also force the United States Citizen to do? It forces them to learn by thinking about what they didn't like! Makes men out of sheep and sloth? And people are not going to like everything about the candidate they chose because that would mean false idolatry and therefore the inability to learn for oneself? (But the mentally defective are not hat way. Idolatry provides them with a shield.)

ooh! That shield being, "They already do everything the best in the world, I could never match it, I should not even try, whenever conversations come up on a topic I will just mention and drop the name of that person as my shield."
Case history.  Now ever remember in High School how everyone wanted to be like Bruce Jenner.  Today "Bruce" wants to be a woman. 

What does that false idolatry shield feed?  Addictions!
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