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Monday, March 30, 2015

Television Virtual Technology Playing Dress up with the Weatherman 03 30 2015

Television Virtual Technology Playing Dress up with the Weatherman 03 30 2015

With digital technology as far advanced as it is today we ought to be able to put a digital wig on someone on television whereby the wig tracks their head wherever they go.

Now I would indeed find this very amusing!  It would be  a constant source of enlightenment.

If you have a political commentator you didn't like you could add a dunce hat to them.

If you had a short man you could add  a shoulder length dark haired woman's hood to him that kind of curled up on the side.

If you there was a pro wrestler you didn't like you could give him breasts.

Do you know what I actually believe?  That if you created that virtual tracking image for some reason those television people would form their personalities to whatever you created them to be.  As if they were helpless to see themselves any other way but the way you dressed them up to be.

It might indeed be a dark religious exposition?

Ones perception of self only as what other people think of them?  That isn't how I am, however I believe some people are like that.

Sometimes we look at red headed fellow and see a beady eyed mean faced clown?  Hey, why not dress them as we see them?

It would be a great way of ferreting out the "What are you looking at!" trouble makers!

Do you ever look at a picture from a person 30 years ago and realize that they don't look at all like how you had perceived them to be at that time?  What was indeed going on back then?  What type of spell were you under?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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