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Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Police Officer Confronting a Bank Robber 03 28 2015

A Police Officer Confronting a Bank Robber  03 28 2015

If per fate I was a Police Officer (and this is me not you) I would have to assume that Bank Robber is going to use the money to buy drugs.  (Or that he is under the influence of drugs while robbing the bank or that he was born mentally defective because of paternal drug use.)

Drugs including alcohol are the greatest risk to our democracy!  No one in this country should ever be forced into robbery for lack of food or the threat of losing their home.  So society does indeed appear to have a very important choice to make.

For all we really know these Bank Robbers and drug dealers are using Full Auto Weapons in order to bring forth Unconstitutional Gun Control and ruin our Democracy.  Black Jamaica has long been an Pot haven for Spring Breakers and it was English Domiciled.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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