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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Scott Walker tempted to eliminate Federal Income Tax 03 14 2015

Our money gets its value from our Constitution. What needs to happen instead is clear cutting of Government payroll and rebuilding of our Union. For some reason Scott doesn't seem to understand how a lack of Union would lead to our total destruction. We haven't had a leader of integrity to keep everyone in line to what they should be. And that is why we are indoctrinated with false doctrines and networked giveaway. Scott likes to pretend like he knows a lot about money doesn't he. How much money has his campaign taken in and what have we gotten in return for it? How much does it cost one person to stand up at a podium and speak? Somehow our political leaders need to have $10 million for every election to do that. So that is really more than one person up there at the podium with Scott we get to spend $100,000 for the salaries of 100 people for every election? $10 million equals $100,00 times 100. Talk about Government waste; he is the embodiment of it!


But the truth is that our Union has been suffering for some time because our State's representatives can't agree on laws from State to State as is required by our Constitution.  And a lot of those laws lack complete common sense and are indeed Un-Constitutional.

But that is what you want.  Sometimes the worst thing that can ever happen to someone is that they get exactly what they want.  Look at how the Ebola Virus is coming here (10 new cases) at the same time pot is being legalized.  Are the odds higher than a person high on dope is going to get it?

If he eliminates the Federal Income Tax how would the ambition of his Presidential salary be paid?  Doesn't he have a wife to feed?  Does he believe his contributors will still put money in his bank when he eliminates the Federal Income tax?  He's got the Doh! voice all that is missing is the clown makeup.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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