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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Vietnam was a 13 YEAR Conflict 03 28 2015

Vietnam was a 13 YEAR Conflict 03 28 2015

I just read that on a 3x5 marketing card selling  a $2.95 commemorative coin.

For those of us who were born in the mid to late 60's and afterwards it puts Vietnam into proper perspective.  What do I think of it today?  A complete waist of time whereby U.S. soldiers were captured taken and tortured for their American Ingenuity Skills in order to establish mammoth Chinese Industrial manufacturer of U.S. management Corporate Royalty goods.  Doesn't profit the American people one bit.

And when you look at the Middle East that is now a 24 year Conflict!

That isn't how the United States is Constitutionally allowed to fight wars!

So what is it really a sign of?  Government by the emotionally disturbed that have a violent cerebral allergy to your memory based human thinking.

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