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Friday, March 27, 2015

Confederate Religious Insurrection in the United States 03 27 2015

Confederate Religious Insurrection in the United States 03 27 2015

  1. Giving someone drugs or alcohol in order that their second amendment rights are violated.
  2. Giving a pregnant woman drugs and or alcohol in order that her childs 2nd amendment right will be violated when they become an adult.
  3. Saying the Lords Prayer at a Catholic Mass with the line, “and lead us not into temptation,” and then serving alcohol at the mass.

Barrack Obama an Organizer of former Catholic Church's.

Scott Walker son of a Lutheran minister.

  1. The concept of psychiatry as being a threat to the second amendment. Instituted through religious denominated hospitals?
  2. The concept of alcohol, marijuana and drugs as being a threat to your second amendment. Remember if they are a threat to someone else who they were pushed on and became addicted to then it is also a threat to your second amendment right.
  3. The Second Amendment being the standard of men!
  4. The Second Amendment bein the best right of passage to manhood in the entire world. A father believing he can give an immature and irresponsible child a gun also being a threat to your Second Ammendment right!
  5. Pro-life and the concept of keeping birth defective mental retardation children as NEVER going to be to the standard of the Second Amendment right to passage to manhood and therefore the greatest threat to the Supreme Law of the Land the Constitution! Unconstitutional Indoctrination of this religious concept into the Tax Code!
  6. Perhaps a petition to bring to trial members English, German and others, for acts of espionage against the United States of America. Including gun control propaganda in violation of our Supreme Law of the Land.
  7. You can NEVER be adjudicated mentally defective because it violates your Second Amendment Right!

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