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Friday, March 27, 2015

Pedophile Investments 03 27 2015 draft

Pedophile Investments 03 27 2015

But as you look at that definition do you see how they attempted to frame the age ranges so that homosexual behavior was excluded???

It is defined as a desire for pre puberty children.  Do you see how that is weighted incorrectly too?  Shouldn't it really be defined as a sexual desire for children under the age of 18 who are na├»ve and trusting?

I don't see how you describe that as a psychiatric disorder, it is more of a

It is really a homo that likes children!

How do we know a homo wasn't waiting for you to turn 18?

And what do homo's do together anyway?  Perhaps if we observed them it would lead to another conclusion regarding gay marriage?

That definition goes on to say that journalistically the term includes sexual victimization of children.  So here indeed we have disconnect from what journalist tell the public it means and what the level of presumption that the psychiatrist needs to make the case (higher criteria to meet.)

But why would you ever make it a pre-pubescent cut off?  Because you don't want a horny guy to be charged with pedophile if he dates a woman who looks to be an adult because she has gone through puberty?  I really just have to ask you this, what kind of guy is it that doesn't know the difference?  We hear about the horny phys ed teachers that diddled the high school girls! He knew the difference and so it was indeed pedophilia whether or not she was prepubescent or not!  If fact one could make the generalization that is why he sought out that profession, pedophilia!  But we would never say that he waited until the peaches were ripe on the tree for this one and not for that one!  Now I am indeed getting into this from a woman's point of view, and I don't want to do that.  A woman would have more cognitively to add to the idea of this from her point of view, but perhaps she can't articulate it. But that will be that.

But look at how our Financial System of False Tea Party system is structured.  A lot of those Financial companies are religiously denominated in their nomenclature,  even if it is a name that means you worship Goddess of the Dawn as Aurora is (sorry that is more health care) but it folds into the Financial system through mandatory health insurance path!  Sharing or dividing of profits one would say makes it inclusive.

But where am I going with this?  Read on.

But they have already preordained their personal defense by preaching forgiveness at every single mass!  It lends to motivation doesn't it!  Here it is, "I motivate myself to become a criminal when I preach that everyone should forgive!" 

The Greeks first coined the term so we do indeed know where it was prevalent first!  Paidos= child and philia= friendly love.  That is really the definition of homosexuality isn't it!  Sex with a friend and friends are indeed usually of the same sex.

So with that religious based financial business and over 8,000 cases of sexual abuse in the Milwaukee area what does it really mean?  It means those Investment Businesses are really Pedophile Investments!

I don't see how you can break my logic!

Full disclosure I was never abused by a priest per the best effort of my memory.  I suppose I could have been and forgotten it from a trauma block to memory.  But as hard as I think of Priests winking at me as a boy, or talking to me in confined areas, I don't remember anything like that!

I will also assert that the Cognition of those labeled investment professionals is indeed different from the norm, hence the term Pedophile Investments still applies.

Now I can tell you stories of boy's who had sexual type relations with one another who married women and went on to become successful professionals in Investment/Finance business so that is Pedophile investments too.  But you see 5hi7 like that going on as a boy and you are tempted to ask yourself as the pedophiles Invite you into it, "Is there something wrong with me for just saying no?"  None of us ever deserved to be put to the test like that!

What I see this being is a spectrum of disorders of the same mentally defective mindset or flawed cognition.  I don't believe these people can ever change.  And recent evidence from studies of mice lends to the idea that homosexuality is indeed due to a defect in the gene the regulates serotonin.  It could then be said that the serotonin gene is the thief versus human gene?

Homosexuals say it is normal to them.  I believe them but for that reason!  Pedophiles likely say it is normal for them too!  And that becomes a very scary issue doesn't it?

Okay here is a philosophical question that humanity needs to face and good people need to force the issue.  "Does a human being have the right to create a genetically defective mentally retarded person?"  I say no!  And you can hate me all you want for it.  But if you have ever experienced any criminal type abuse you are betraying yourself aren't you!

I see absolutely no difference between someone born into perdition, a criminal minded person and a mentally defective person.  And it is cold hearted, but I don't need to hear voices!

And I did indeed learn something by reading that exact definition didn't I!  A bad power structure relies on you not knowing the exact meaning of things!  And what do we see a lot of today?  People having John Doe type cases brought against them hoping that the issue just passes by like ship in the night fog because of the publics ignorance with regard to the meaning of things!  The great shame is that the prosecutors and judges look the other way while it happens!  I will assert the same cognition; about like a shrewdness of apes having a family orgy in a tree?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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