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Sunday, March 15, 2015

On the 6.5 million the that reached 112 years old 03 15 2015 updated

The only way that there could be 6.5 million cases like that would be if a spy network, insurrection or Confederacy had infiltrated the United States government! And it can't be just the software programmers. Someone with competent oversight and control is expected to be in charge of departments like that and it is NEVER supposed to happen! 6.5 million is a substantial number of fraud cases. That many can't slip through the system unless there were a spy network, insurrection or Confederacy had infiltrated the United States government!
So who could it be?  Who was motivated by money and wanted it to go away for a great many years now?  ~The Republican Party!

Whoops just read the article only 13 of those people are still getting benefits.

So then one has to ask what happened to the majority of the 6.5 million?  Where they murdered and their properties assumed by foreigners through title fraud?  How could you not have that many death records?  Only if the deaths could not be recorded because someone squatted in those homes.

So who would be in on it?  Insurance companies, lawyers, the medical profession, the coroners office (We already know an Indian India American women fraudulently made police autopsies to read what they were not supposed to.  You would also have the Real Estate industry in on it.

Are you telling me that the NSA (based in England?) couldn't trace all those transactions data and root out the corrupt and criminals?  What good was Homeland Security?  It would appear that these agencies facilitated the process.

As I skim that article again I have to say that the opportune time to forge those records would have been when that department switched from paper to electronic records?  And if that coincides to a Tee with the mortgage crisis in the United States we have a big problem don't we!  Because that is a whole "nother" series of records that they claim are hard to sort through to find where the corruption is.
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