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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Forgive Student Debt ? 03 14 2015

Forgive Student Debt ?  03 14 2015

Read completely and very carefully.

No we should not forgive student debt!  10 bottles of top shelf alcohol on the dresser at $70 a bottle?  NO!

5 beers a night costing $7 bucks a piece?  3 nights a week at nine months times four years?  That is $15,000.oo per each one of those mealy mouth graduates that will never do the country any good!

I worked at a gas station to pay my way through college and I object!

How about that they never have to pay interest on that loan?  And maybe they are not allowed to purchase a home until all that student debt is paid back?  Would their be a student loan program if there was absolutely no interest to be paid on them?  No.

But on the other hand, yes we should forgive all that student debt!  We should forgive it in a heartbeat!  Why?  Because you have academic colleges paying dumb jocks to attend college!  And this might be a way of stating who we really believe in!  So yes, I will forgive it!  How about a petition to forgive consumer debt?  Start one of those if you have the balls!

If the younger generation who didn't have to work their way through college can create a petition to cancel student debt, then those of us who are tired of usury rates and fees etc can have a consumer debt forgiveness petition too. A Consumer of education versus a consumer of Chinese goods that don't last and that you don't get part of the profit margin from?  They are supposed to have graduated with the value of knowledge.  Read more here.  Forgiving Student debt frees them up to borrow more doesn't it!  Enough of the unbalanced funny money economy.

If you like that petition so much maybe you will like this one.

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