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Friday, March 20, 2015

The NBC Nightly News Tonight 03 20 2015

The NBC Nightly News Tonight  03 20 2015

Told of how a young boy started to tell his mother that he had lived a past life.  He was able to tell her facts there is no way that he could have known as they were not publicly known.  He even knew some things that were immediately proved factually incorrect but then actually proven to be factually correct!!!  In total something like 25 pieces of information.

When asked if he enjoyed the experience he said that he did and that now it was time to get on with his own life.

The man he claimed to have been died in 1961 and the boy looked to be about 12 years old today (03 20 2015).  Which means that if that soul were reincarnated it would have had to wait about 41 years until it came back.

Now initially when I heard the story I thought perhaps that is some old soulless woman reading a book perhaps through some EMF transmission means to the boy.

But the story as it stands seems to suggest validity to the Holy Spirit Concept.  The narrator of the Book of Mormon often refers to it or people as his seed.

More energy goes into human reproduction than any other metabolic function.  A new person is born with a soul; where does their Holy Spirit come from assuming that they do indeed have one?  It has to come from half the mother and half the father in love and unity.  What happens when one is on drugs?  I don't want to go there with this right now but I believe it leads to gene inexpression with regard to the Holy Spirit in effect the brain not forming correctly to be one with the Holy Spirit, specifically in the Hippocampus as well as eye disorders.

But the point that I am attempting to make here is if your Holy Spirit is excreted from you in high Energy Reproductive fluid and no child is procreated from it, where does it go?  Does it come back to you?

What am I trying to prove here?  That the person does not have to be dead for their Holy Spirit to be gleamed from another person!  And once it psychoenergizes that other person could it be that person does not want to let go of it?  Would they be able to track it back to its original source in some way?  Would they be one with the person of the original source without them knowing it?  Would they try and pry that Holy Spirit away from its original source because it is so good!  Would they inundate that person with voices in an attempt to deny them the use of their own holy spirit?  Would they also attempt to drain that person of energy and heal themselves by bringing that person down via hearing of voices?  Jesus might have called that healing by Beaselbub?  And when I researched the Bible per the name Sarah it alludes to them taking slaves and killing them in order to replenish their lives.  There are other passages in the Bible where a bad person kills one after another member of a family.

The more learned a person is the more easily a mentally defective person could uptake that Holy Spirit?

If it is possible for that boy to uptake the Holy Spirit of a man who had been dead for 40 years then it is also possible that the voices we hear are caused by those who are living and have uptaken our Holy Spirit.  It would all be fine and good if we did not hear voices and got credit for what we have thought of and none of us became poor housed by being made mentally ill through the pure attrition of the attack of many different voices seemingly never two different ones at the same period of time; even though there are a great many different ones!  Which indeed tells you that they are scheduled!!!!!

So where do we point the finger with regard to who would schedule?  Perhaps a Church or networked members of a Business Confederacy?  Pope Francis claims to be concerned about the poor, but Pope Francis I do not make accusation haphazardly.  So what are you really concerned about. Religion being a front for the mentally defective for a very long time?

What can you expect in the future?  People who claim to say, I am really this live person!  And then they will rattle of a great many things that they know about that person that there is no way that they could possibly know.  Sounds like a novel concept that someone wants to accuse me of being a nut for thinking of?  No it isn't novel and I do not claim originality to it!  Read your Bible and you will see that Jesus Christ was able to tell a woman, a whore, all that she was.  A whore being like a homeless person only she had to resort to selling her body?  And indeed we know from other parts of the Bible that Jesus was able to exercise a demon from someone because he knew who that demon was.  We also know that Jesus returned home with a great many items of wealth that his family disowned him for.  So lets say that there are more than one person who have that holy spirit of another person, how does that group form?  The book of Mathew tells us, "Only the father knows who the son is and the son who the father is unless the son decides to tell a friend."

It also tells you that when one demon is defeated it goes out and comes back with 6 more to gang up on the person with!  And that is indeed the cause of mental illness attrition by voices!  The term that is used to describe the entirety of them is then the seven heads of Hydra!  And that is about what the voices sound like.

Schizophrenia is medical fraud and the Pope knows it!  He even stated that his clergy lived double lives and used he term schizophrenic (??) to describe them.  In their case they are self split like from being members of a hydra?

No human being should ever be tempted at a mass with a substance that is known to be the leading cause of mental retardation in the western hemisphere, alcohol.  And when a certain race was freed from Egypt?  What is the only thing that they wanted to do?  Get drunk.

And what was their excuse back then?  There was no clean water to drink.  But what are they doing today?  That have polluted our water to the point where they have re-necessitated that they can  re promote alcohol as the only safe thing to drink even though it is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere.  If you are a reader of mine you know as well as I do when that happens it is the end of the human race!

You are going to see mass illiteracy!  And then savagery.  One race always wants to believe that it can take over.  But the fact is that a great many parents would never have the patience to be able to teach their own children how to read.  When they can't read they can't communicate with comprehension can they.  And I will go out on a limb and tell you that is the conniving criminal mind.  When I watched the video of a Doctor who was supposed to be responsible for boxers safety do nothing or less than nothing, obstruct his health.  I said to myself, that is about enough of whatever that is.

So there it is.  My stream of conscious wasn't as broken with voices while I was writing this so it is a little better.

What might we see in the future?  People publicly coming out of the closet and stating, "I am you man!"  "I am you man."  "I am youman."  "I am youman."  "I am human."

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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