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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Entertainment News 03 15 2015

Entertainment News 03 15 2015

I just read that the girl band Duo Tattoo that was very successful only pretended to be lesbians. Can you imagine what a negative effect that had one young girls lives? Some sort of mumbo jumbo logic like, “Tattoo gave me the courage to be a lesbian and develop my inner self. Now I am heartbroken and crushed.” ~ and possibly suicidal?

It is the kind of thing that if you did it you would expect your father would just about kill you for it. But for some reason our world has no shame about it.

I believe that a Judea/Christian would like nothing better than to sexually dominate a gentile of the same sex. I see it as envy of the human race.


An young Indian woman jilted her groom at the alter because he could not add 6 plus 15. India is known to have marriages based on dowry. All well and good I agree with her. A great many of us in the United States face the exact same problem in that most of the women to marry (in the case of us men) are mentally retarded equivalent like that Indian groom.


Now lets say that you are a young adult and another person or organization of adult age tempts you to use a substance that causes your child to be born with mental retardation. That is the most horrible act of envy and hatred that the human race has ever faced! Wouldn't you think that a group like that should get the death penalty for a crime against humanity? It is so horrific that it defies human conscience. What type of a monster would do that.

But that substance is indeed alcohol and it is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere. The mental retardation attributed to birth defects from alcohol is called Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Spectrum Disorders. I would attribute to being the cause of dyslexia, attention deficit disorder and eye disorders too.

So those organizations are our Churches and our advertising media empire. The worst threat to world freedom ever!

One thing that our Judea Christian media can't stand is that the mentally defective feel ashamed for being that. So indeed I would expect to see a spin on that above Indian Marriage story come out in a few weeks. Something like, “She agreed to marry him if he promised to take a course and become proficient in 8th grade math.” That is the way that evil media works.

They never want shame to stick as a punishment. They never want that mentally defective person to ever be forced to take themselves to seriously.


This is how I think; it is the stream of conscious of my higher mind. Can you see how one might seek to find a way to scramble those thoughts up with interjecting voices? Can you see who would want me to be on medicine and exactly why?  Something bad with regard to the cognition of the perpetrator they never want you know.

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