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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

You Will Honor and Obey Me 03 31 2015

You Will Honor and Obey Me 03 31 2015

You Will Honor and Obey Me. 

How many men would find themselves in the doghouse for a very long time if they said that to their wives?  Even though it used to be part of marriage vows!

I don't think a man should ever have to put up with a willful woman who would go down to the local tavern to "feather tail" around.

Nor do I like to hear of men propagandizing cunnilingus as if their mothers conditioned them to it when they were boys! 

I also ask myself why homosexuals need God given testicles and ovaries. 

These are just my honest beliefs.  Perhaps I would keep it all to myself if I had not constantly heard odd voices for the past 24 years.  Ask yourself who would never want those ideas expressed and would therefore want minds like that to be shut down?

Do you hear voices?  Imagine how your neighbors wife would react if he reminded her of that standard marriage vow?  Can you see him cowering in fear?  But lets get to the point.  Some women are smarter than the men that they marry.  The only way that can occur is if that male 10% larger brain size were somehow heathenized.  And that happens when a mother uses drugs and alcohol pre conception or during conception.  I see that as a jealous leveling mechanism and I want that activity banned for the entire future of humanity!  So lets say it wasn't the woman's idea to have a heathenized son that way.  Then whose was it?  It was the idea of an unrelated adult male who was already heathenized that way!  Again a leveling mechanism that maintains his status; and creates a barrier to rising demographics.  Do you see what rises to the top instead of what should?

And that bad son believes that all the other people in the world belong to him; as if they are his possessions?  As if the women should favor him?  That he should be able to pick and choose who he can get hooked on drugs and alcohol and ruin the lives of.  Its really his revenge on mankind for being born heathenized. 

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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So he says that to her and he ends up in the doghouse for a very long time doesn't he.  But not only that subconsciously she is scheming for revenge isn't she!  Can you picture it as I can? Little acts of meanness and disrespect here and there.

So after she has him beaten to Zero for good; then who does she start on next?  Those of us who hear voices?  As if we can't put two and two together?

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