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Monday, March 30, 2015

Treasonous Ballistics in War 03 30 2015

Treasonous Ballistics in War 03 30 2015

In War the bigger the bullet the far less of them that you need!

They figured this out in the early 1900's.  And completely defied the concept with both the Vietnam War and the Middle East War/Conflict.

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If they had taken a 1911 Handgun added a rifle barrel and a collapsible stock would not have that been more effective than the AR-15?  I will have to do a comparison of the long distance rifle characteristics of long range with such a .45" acp cartridge in a rifle barrel.  Versus the .223" diameter AR-15.  I have found the .45 acp to be a wobble cartridge, but just elongating and reconfiguring the rectangular dimension ratio would have easily cured that.  The longer the barrel the higher the muzzle velocity.  So a direct comparison of handgun data to the .223 rifle would be irrelevant.

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