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Friday, March 20, 2015

Abraham Lincoln an Initial Republican Were Pro Workers Rights 03 20 2015

Abraham Lincoln an Initial Republican Were Pro Workers Rights 03 20 2015

What is wrong with right to work?  That Unions became ineffective in order that justification could be made for doing away with them?  That the Corporation that necessitated the Unions is Constitutionally illegal?

Abraham Lincoln was an abolitionist to the extreme level.  The Republican Party was founded as an Abolitionist party.  Scott Walker is a Republican.  Labor law leaders applauded Abraham Lincoln for abolishing slavery!

It would seem that our Republican Party today is the exact opposite of what it is supposed to be, and in effect that amounts to an insurrection h3ll bent on enslavement!

So now that Unions appear to be going away what will there be to replace them?  Something has to fit in that power structure and do so in order to fairly support the right of the worker and the right of the new worker. 

I believe we need to reclassify what a Corporation is a little bit in order to make this a fair labor environment country.  While at the same time creating a workers bill of rights.  It really can just be a legal code that is directly based on the Constitution.

But what if we did this.  Provided Food stamps for every American to buy food ingredients that were classified as basic.  While at the same time leveled the salaries of all Corporate executives in fairness?  The banking function would be transformed to be a lot different too.  And Investing in America would need to be made free from risk of losing principle.

All of your alcohol production facilities would be made responsible for producing distilled water that would be sent through the public plumbing or perhaps even delivered on doorsteps in reusable glass bottles.  No more alcohol means no more retards and no more violence.

I think what might be going to happen is that Scott Walker is going to traverse the Nation only to be hated by everyone in it!  But that won't keep the wealthy social drinking and alcohol based procreation class from voting for him.  New way to think of the class system?  "Alcohol Based Procreation Class"  "Comprehension, Aptitude and Capability Class"  "Poor without skills nor the ability to develop them?"   Perhaps just the first two of three of those classes adequately covers the issue!

I don't know who This Republican Party thinks it is trying to fool!  There is no basis of rationality for what they have said to transform themselves into.  They cannot defend any of their actions with credible support for why they have the ideas they do.  What they amount to is Anti American.  I view them as an well adapted retard insurrection.  I have seen them that way my entire life of 48 years!

Listen very carefully and watch how they say what they say when they say it?  They sway your attention away from the depth of meaning of the words via "emotional charges at you!"  Crooked salesmen?  Charlatans?  Humbug!  And indeed a humbug was one of at least five actors I can readily conclude successfully conspired to kill Abraham Lincoln.

Impossible to spell and grammar check for yourself when you hear ear piercing voices; so I don't even try anymore!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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