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Thursday, March 26, 2015

One mode of Demonic Possession 03 26 2015

He was likely demonically possessed to use the heroin in the first place.  Do you not know the mind of the devil yet?  Odd rises and pitches in vocalizations, talking over you as you attempt to speak, followed by it then chewing its toothpick and  listening to your thoughts as it waits to interject in fatal opportunity.  Overly aggressive staff for what a female should be on the nursing staff talking loudly all night at the nurses station so none of the patients can get some rest?

A posy full of heathenized blacks riding through neighborhoods cranking low pitched music that vibrates the walls of you house?  A car of them parked outside your house loitering and menacing your family.  That is the exact same archetype of satan's mode of operation above isn't it!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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