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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How do we know that the DEA today isn't really like what the FBI was during Prohibition 03 18 2015

How do we know that the DEA today isn't really like what the FBI was during Prohibition 03 18 2015

I was reading either Smithsonian or some other highly credible and well known magazine in the library a few months back.  It revealed that the FBI granted waivers to certain places illegally selling alcohol in Chicago during Prohibition when they had no right to grant those waivers.  That in effect made the FBI a participant and profiteer from what amounted to organized crime.

But what about the DEA today?  They want to legalize drugs everywhere.  Which means U.S. Citizens were made addicted to them when they should not have! 

Add those two above items up and the money and assets of those Government employees should be confiscated in racketeering charges.

If you wanted to Conquer a country first you would get the population addicted to all manner of substances.  When they got sick you could just use the alibi they were a drug user.  While at the same time you built façade after façade of health care facility so that the public had confidence in your ability to cure them of any illness.  119 people died from heroin overdose last year in Milwaukee.

How do you know that some day you won't be sitting in a restaurant, a great many of the mentally defective mind were directly dependent minded to your thoughts and knowledge BUT YOU NEVER KNEW IT, and you are quickly poisoned to death with Fentanyl? 

And perhaps you thought you were a pretty cool person and everyone liked you.  But you found out all too late it wasn't true as you died of Fentanyl poisoning. 

And someone put some rubber bungees in your home to make it look like you were a needle injector person?

Or perhaps you were indeed the height of intelligence in whatever Profession you had studied in and that mentally defective person wanted to free themselves from being governed directly by your mind?  You would never ever be aware of it.  You had faith in people and the human race!  Perhaps every week when you went to church mad with a conflict on your mind the preacher gave a sermon that you (audience) where great sinners, born to sin, no man free from sin etc.  So you decided not to seek justice or a remedy for your conflict?  Who needs that bad element in our communities?  Who needs to be tempted by that?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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