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Monday, August 1, 2016

A BAD MAN poisons your child so that it can neither see nor learn. 08 01 2016

A BAD MAN poisons your child so that it can neither see nor learn. 08 01 2016

A BAD MAN poisons your child so that it can neither see nor learn. What legally should you do to that bad man? You are certainly angry with him aren't you for harming your loved one in such a horrific way?

Does the blind person know that they should have been born normal and that a bad man poisoned their mother with alcohol? Does the father of a blind person know this? What does the father or mother then believe that it was really their fault?

Now the good man steps up and writes about the bad man poisoning the unborn baby. Does that person once born support that good person or rather are they taught in witchcraft to ruin that mind of that good person so that they can use it for themselves? In effect the blind person or mentally retarded person has been taught to be the cause of its own personal misery the misery of those in the future that will be born exactly like it because it obstructed the good person from preventing bad people from blinding the unborn.

And alcohol is the leading cause of mental retardation in babies as well as infant blindness.

So who does the blind person then support? They like to get on board and ruin the good persons life don't they! And what is the only mechanism that the blind or retarded person can receive happiness from as an adult? That very same poison the bad person blinded and retarded them with.

Vote for Hillary or Donald and you must realize you have gotten all the personal misery in your life and it was indeed your own fault!

Again though, why doesn't the father view their blinded or retarded child as being created by the bad man? Instead because of mental illness it is transferred to be the fault of the good man isn't it! The good man that failed to act because the blind person prevented him from doing so? What I am describing is a vicious vortex of hell for the families of the blind and retarded?

Who or what is it among us that would teach the disabled that the good are the cause of their problem and should be victimized because of it rather than the bad man that caused it? That is the weak and cowardly satanic isn't it! The lambs?

The blind or mentally retarded person really doesn't want the good man to do anything about it does he/she; because they obstruct them from doing so. What can be said about a person like that which doesn't care that others will be blinded and retarded by the bad man and end up just like them? That is a horrible person? A minion of the Devil created by the Devil?

You never read anything like that before in your life have you!

Thomas Paul Murphy
copyright 2016
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The unseen horrors of alcohol.  What can be said of the proud professional athlete or media professional that makes all of their money (billions) from the proceeds of alcohol revenue?  Am I the only one who see's that their proud smiles are horrific?

What can be said of the Priest who tempts the audience of women of child bearing age with a golden chalice full of wine; alcohol the leading cause of birth defects in the Western Hemisphere?  It is no delusion or confused thinking to label that person as Satan!

The primary goal of religion therefore can be concluded to create the weak minded!  What type of person likes to create the weak minded?  Only a person who is weak minded and therefore/also criminal minded at the same time.  AKA Satan!  Should Satan be allowed to indoctrinate children in any manner or have contact with them?  No.

Perhaps we need a Constitutional amendment declaring that you cannot obstruct the good man in any way from preventing Satan from creating the weak minded!

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