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Monday, August 29, 2016

How many Doctors Visit the Coroner while the autopsy is being performed to see how they erred in diagnosis 08 29 2016

 How many Doctors Visit the Coroner while the autopsy is being performed to see how they erred in diagnosis   08 29 2016

They had to do dissections in Medical School.  So apparently they didn't learn anything from them did they in terms of sharpening diagnosis to make for better treatment?  No instead they are out on the Golf Course with the other latent homosexuals.

"This person complained of pain in the lower back, I want to be present to see what is found."

"This person complained of pain in the neck, I want to be present to see what is found."

All of those problems are treated by telling the patient to take an ibuprofen.

People want to say how great our health care is in the United States?  It is really genocidal health care!  How do we know this?  When an Indian India coroner in New Jersey (?) is able to forge 10,000 autopsies it means it is genocidal healthcare.  And look who rises up from that state as a Presidential candidate that was in close with Donald Trump?  Chris Christie.

How many were poisoned to death with heroin in undeniable MURDER?

This is a business model of health care which means it really isn't health care at all but business.  And they defer to some phrase they made up in their own defense,  "The business model proves best?"  For you own wallet that is when you don't have the real qualifications to be in that profession, no matter what it is.  And they could not accomplish this without limited liability which is implicitly illegal per the United States Constitution.  I mean just look at Ruth Ginsberg's face and tell me that she doesn't look estranged to you!  Look at Hilary Clintons face and tell me that she isn't estranged.  It means a persons thoughts are deferred from the original possessor.  Rather than someone who was able to integrate learning into concepts of self and others.

So what is wrong with them?  A very hard to detect form of mental retardation from alcohol.  Likely damaging the caudate nucleus and hippocampus of the brain as well as other parts.  And that person can indeed adapt to have very strong verbal manipulative ability with low IQ.  That is how things go bad!  When the retards contrive and connive to get their way.

In ancient times they would call someone who is as intelligent as me either a seer or a prophet and persecute us!  And the truth is that they persecute people like me every day using directed energy weapons in what is called voice to skull microwave broadcasts.  That type of beast is just what our Country was founded to protect us from.  We don't elect people like that as President!

© 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 08 29 2016 at:  www.themilwaukeeandwisconsinnews.blogspotcom


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