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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Banking and Stock Brokerage Fraud 08 06 2016

Banking and Stock Brokerage Fraud 08 06 2016

If Banks were required to list money that they made from short selling American Investors Investments on their corporate income statements with the Income label of Short Selling American Public and we were to sum all of those up for the entire history of the U.S. stock market you would rapidly see who in our country was never one of us and never will be!


The Trust Fund system is a way for those who have more than $5.5 million in assets to transfer all civic burden (Estate Tax (there is a reason I am not allowed to spell it out!)) directly onto those who have less than that, the American Public (middle class)  It is essentially a will that avoids (Estate Taxes)  if assets are greater than $5.5 million.

If this Financial loophole were eliminated we would never have to put up with the Hillary Clintons, Donald Trumps, Bloombergs, etc of the world ever again.

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