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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Drone Attack USA 08 25 2016

Drone Attack USA  08 25 2016

How much does a .22lr pistol barrel weigh?  Just a few ounces.  Have you seen the camera articulating mechanisms on commercially available drones for sale right off the hobby shop shelf?  The technology is there to mount small and highly accurate machine gun from a light weight drone.

Conceivably they could use our own population of computer game geeks to believe they are playing a video game attacking a foreign cartoon enemy when in reality that is really a "fuzzy" type reimaged real life scene of American Citizens they would be killing with the drones.  It is the exact same technology that Google uses on photographic aerial maps to make the trees look like cartoons and obscure things it doesn't want the public to be able to identify.  (Which means what?  Google has bought and developed its way to have national security clearance.)

Is the technology there so that a drone can stay in the air for a long time? Yes.

Could a mass production country like China or India produce them and deploy them here?  And how quickly could they kill us all with them?  Like a day?

Are the races of color really insanely jealous of white people?  You better believe they are!  Are there miscegenated white races who really think like races of color and not white people?  Yes.  And they have no outward physical signs of not being white. (at least none to the untrained eye.)

Have foreign countries already demonstrated negligent concern for the general health and welfare of the U.S. citizen as our Constitution dictates?  Yes.  Leaded glass, MSG, the entire chemical industry,

One more real life point you wont read anywhere else.  How much does a 21" led television screen cost?  Some less than one hundred dollars.  Look at all the components in that and tell me why a solar panel that produces electricity should not cost about 1/10 that price in terms of size?  And ask yourself why they haven't been mass produced and placed on every rooftop?  It is because that race with the money doesn't want the true human race to thrive and prosper.

Did the United States really want races of color to immigrate here?  They labeled it the White House.  The British (word origin comes from tattoo) who tattooed themselves to look like blacks burnt it down in the War of 1812.  But oddly enough we know what they think of black Muslim immigration there today to England.  They don't like it.  I will assert that the English themselves are a miscegenated race.  It has to do with the big Gorilla Jaw and the often round eyes.

Did the Founding Fathers want all these races of color here?  The best evidence to prove that might be that they considered black people to be 3/5 human?

If integration really worked white people like me would not be hearing voices in our head and be cursed by the miscegenated races.

I am asserting again that races of color are insanely jealous of the white race.

The white race is so stupid today.

What we need more than ever is Prohibition to save the white race.  And if we have to use Marshall law to stop alcohol trafficking then we are indeed thinning out the weak of the white race from us.

They have already got the mentally defective white child from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome birth with no outward signs brainwashed to believe in communism.

Those tech savvy foreign countries could indeed mass produce the flying drones.

Ask yourself how many countries of color openly accept white people to them?  How do those white people live there?  Are they treated with respect.  I already know it isn't true.  The white person in China gets called the big nose by the children.  Could you imagine what a fit races of color would have in the United States if their spoiled brat wouldn't go to school because they were called snake eyes or monkey head etc?

Drone attack is about how the Japanese attacked us in WWII!  Unmanned balloons launched with bombs on them headed our way!  So are you trying to tell me that for some reason in War, which is inevitable when some of us do not have our own minds, that they are not going to avail themselves of the best drone technology?

So what might we need to protect ourselves?  Full Auto 8 gauge shot guns with anti recoil technology.  By the way that same gun needs to be fitted with a shell capable of penetrating a 1" tank hull.  And indeed per the Second Amendment we have a right to keep and bear them.

What is the word origin of bear?  It means the right to use a gun against a bear or a person that acts like a bear?  Don't drink a queer sip of tea and try and form an argument to the contrary of that.

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