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Monday, August 29, 2016

Donald Trump the Vegetable Child 08 29 2016

Donald Trump the Vegetable Child  08 29 2016

What is the gestalt of a wealthy person sending their son (or daughter) off to military boarding school like?

"Here, here sir, here is my bad seed, please grow this vegetable child for me!"


"I will pay you however much money you want to grow and nurture this bad seed vegetable child for me."


"Oh many praises to you sir for you have raised my son to now become a leading contender to President of the United States."

Anybody really think anything good can come of that?  Do you know how to ask yourself a serious question and whether you are being true to yourself when you make your quick conclusion and answer it for yourself?

Usually we want for the town fool to succumb to the product of their own fate like Cain from the Bible did?  We don't elect the person we expect to come to the ill product of their own fate to become President and lead the rest of us.  Into what?...

"Here, here sir, here is my bad seed, please grow this vegetable child for me!"

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The theme here is considering that parenting is a lot like growing vegetable and therefore it is something someone else can do for you.

Now ask yourself why he got to where he is today?  Because there are a lot of vegetable children just like him that support him because he will support their wealth.  Sometimes referred to as maintaining the status quo!  Maintaining the Status Quo is also why you will NEVER SEE WHAT HILARY WROTE IN HER SATANIC EMAILS!

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