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Saturday, August 27, 2016

So you can't drink and drive 08 27 2016

So you can't drink and drive  08 27 2016

Make a list of how many things you can't drink and do!!!  Make that list and bear with me!

If you can't drink and drive should a person who was born mentally retarded because of alcohol and considered to have permanently impaired intelligence ever be allowed to drive?  Yes I am equating the state of inebriation directly with being born with mental retardation.

So should such a person ever be allowed to be President?  Can you drink and be President.  So Gowdy grilled Hillary Clinton on Benghazi but did he ever think of asking her.  "Were you or had you been drinking during or before you made those decisions as Secretary of State?

Those are the kinds of questions that should be asked!  And they are more relevant that you would ever know.

So this is getting into rights issues isn't it!  Should the person who is born with permanent mental retardation from alcohol be allowed to serve on the Police Force?  Who wants to serve with a drunk on the Police Force?

Should a person who was born with permanent mental retardation be allowed to serve as a foreman at a manufacturing plant?  Who want's a drunk looking out for their safety?  "No we can't afford those respirators?  Look there is a very miniscule risk you will get lung cancer.  But we know you need the money."

What happens when someone with mental retardation is allowed to management positions in the military?  Who isn't he going to like?  Remember he already has a lose screw.  Who is going to get him by "friendly fire" in the "Theater of War"  Likely someone who thinks exactly like me!

Do you want a drunk preparing your food in a restaurant?  Maybe if you have a dog in the house you don't care!  Maybe if you live in a farm house with dirt all over the floor you don't care either.  Something you would never think of.

Ever walk in the bathroom of a restaurant and the Mexican who is wearing the white shirt and black pants and has the broom and dust pan is just standing their futzing with his phone.  Then he leaves and you see he didn't notice there was a paper towel on the floor, the sink was dirty, the knobs to the door handles were greasy, etc etc.  And we could say that is Bill Clinton and George Bush on Nafta?  How did those Hillbillies ever get to be President?

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