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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Drinking Alcohol is a privilege and not a right? 08 20 2016

Drinking Alcohol is a privilege and not a right?

Alcohol is the leading cause of children being born with mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere. Do you have either the right or the privilege to create a mentally retarded person? No. But for some reason legally you do today and are in fact highly rewarded for doing so!! So if indeed drinking alcohol is not a privilege then what is it really? It is an abuse of yourself and also mankind!

My thinking tells me that you could never have enough money to put the burden of that person onto the rest of us!

Some rights are earned. You don't get to drive a car until you have learned how to drive one first and passed a test; that makes it an earned right.

A man drinks alcohol and kills someone in a drunk driving accident should his right to drive a car be taken away or his privilege to drink alcohol taken away.

A certified Professional drinks alcohol and makes a big mistake. Do we both declare he is no longer a professional and should no longer have the privilege to drink alcohol?

A right is something they cannot take away? A right can be earned or not earned? A privilege can be earned or not earned? Does a wealthy one percent person have more privileges than the rest of us? Yes. But here is where we get into meritocracy. What should legally be done about wealthy people who would not be able to earn the privileges that they have? Because they have those privileges doesn't that in some way violate the rest of our rights? As in the wealthy end up controlling government and do not want the rest of us to enjoy the rights we and privileges that we can earn? And what do they do it in the name of? Maintaining their own privileges that they did not earn and are unable or earning.

Lets say a mentally retarded person is very wealthy what right is he or she going to try and get rid of? 1. The right to you to keep and bear arms. ( I don't want that person who is much more smarter and competent than me at everything to ever pose a threat to me by him/her being able to defend themselves.)

  1. Your right to free speech. (It hurts the weak minded arrogant when you speak up against them? Divine right does not stand when you say what you believe in and know is true!)
  2. Your freedom of religion to believe in yourself.
  3. Your General right of health and welfare! (Eat what my Corporation is mass producing and don't you dare say those chemicals I am peddling are no good for you?)

And we have a lot of that going on today don't we!

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Originally published on 08 20 2016 at:

Some rights you attain with age? The right to drink alcohol in the United States? However what about those who attained that age and don't deserve that privilege? Can you prove that you deserve that privilege? We know in our hearts a great many don't! Just listen to them talk and the meaninglessness of it!

I can hear you already. (Blah blah blah you say to me as you try and distract me while I am typing so that my writing doesn't look coherent and you can even have a basis to argue with me that it isn't because you know that you were ruining it a little bit and I know it was ruined a little bit by you. I want you to think very carefully about what I am saying about you and how it applies to you and what kind of a person it means you are!)

Is it “right” that you drink?

There are privileges based on how much money you have and there are meritocracy privileges based on you earning them and advancing. The English language needs to disambiguate this word into two different words. Rather that than you split a mind for the benefit of those who can never earn their privileges!

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Originally published on 08 20 2016 at:

So you got to be 21 and you earned the privilege to drink alcohol. However you then got in a drunken driving accident and killed someone. And your privilege which is a right, to drink alcohol is not taken away from you. Which means what? You have been granted the privilege to kill people? (with your car while drunk again). Now you can substitute any drug in that equation and it works the same way.

So you get to be a certain age and you don't like being confronted with wisdom? It bothers you and makes you feel worthless. Does that mean that you also grant yourself to give drugs to someone who has that wisdom? Witness both psychiatry and the heroin epidemic in Chicago?

With your contorted sentencing your saying that he doesn't know how to drive a car when the truth is that he doesn't know how to stop drinking.  What does the man of knowledge conclude that you are trying to protect?  It has to be a self interest relating to what you excluded from your sentencing?  The man of knowledge concludes that you yourself have some form of mental retardation from alcohol or another genetic basis.
My next research topic might be, are there certain races where the men are less likely to have baldness and genetically exactly what does that mean?


Do I care if some little miss plagiarizes this into a term paper?  Not a lot I could do about it from where I currently stand.  Plus the fact that it furthers my message and my will, so ....


The truth is "that which you are trying to protect is what you hold sacred."  And at that point I will let you think for yourself and draw your own personal negative (or positive) conclusions from!

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