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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Litter Economy 08 02 2016

The Litter Economy  08 02 2016

So they litter because they don't have anything?  So they don't care?

How can you have anything if you litter?

It is a sign that you are not happy with living where you are?

So you litter?

Where do you expect to live where you will be happy being able to litter?

What kind of pigsty do you want us all to live in?

So when you litter you expect someone else to come along and pick it up for you?  So we have to hire people to do that?  But that won't be you!  You just create more work for everyone don't you!

But who taught you that it was okay?

Was it a Government Official that doesn't belong living where they do with the job that they do; hence they approve policies that are pro pollution!  That is Trump isn't it!

Was it a Corporation that pollutes which is indeed litter and gets away with it?

Would I be happy if a Corporation gave you a job earning $100,000.oo.  No but apparently it is only the people exactly like you who get those jobs!

What are you doing here?

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So a wealthy person doesn't like people.  He puts them on medicine so that they can't think clearly.  Then that medicine finds its way into the water supply and those who drink it end up transgendered!  And he is happy about that?  That is what makes him happy?  Expressions of diversity?  Another term would be "Freak show world" makes the wealthy happy?  But why?  Because they didn't earn their own money it is a delusion of happiness for them to see that normal human beings can't get ahead?  Could there be any better definition of the Devil than that?

But what is that?  That is a commonality between the very wealthy and the poor!  The wealthy setting a horrible example for the poor?  And the wealthy could not have gotten their without unconstitutional limited liability.

I print my name on bundles of paper and with the caption printed by me.  I even trademark it so that you can't do that and owe me money if you do, probably you become homeless if you do.  Then I litter those trademarked papers all over the place!  It isn't too hard to see who is responsible for that mess is it? 


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